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  • We know why we want to successfully market your services and products.

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We know why we want to successfully market your services and products.

Ask us any questions!


An advertising agency that stands out from the crowd with outstanding products and services

As an owner-managed agency, our promises are backed by people who work reliably, creatively and with attention to detail on your measurable success every day.


We know that we can only be successful if we can create a positive result for you, since our sense grows exclusively from your added value and the fun of working together.


Our aim is to stage brands, products and services in the best possible way. We would like to differentiate your company from the competition, whereby your solution is found and understood by the customer, so that it can come to a purchase decision.

Inhabergeführte Agentur Adfreak Tobias Peuckert


Why an advertising agency?

For over 9 years now, we have been actively engaged in almost all marketing strategies offered by the Internet. Starting as an affiliate partner at Amazon and “Google Adsense”, I, Tobias Peuckert, founder of adfreak.de, was fascinated by online marketing. The fact that small and medium-sized companies in Germany are still had not arrived in the digital age, caused me to find out what the hell was going on it really arrives and how a company the Internet as a relevant marketing channel can open up. This has resulted in processes with which we help companies on a daily basis. Today the Adfreak portfolio includes online marketing as well as all services in the areas of film production, print and web design.


The original enthusiasm initially developed from the idea of setting up one’s own company and thus being “free” – but freedom does not consist of leisure time. Rather, it is the freedom of design and the search for the perfect solution to a problem that drives us on every day. The deep insight into different industries and companies broadens the horizon enormously, so that ideas can be transferred to different areas and then implemented appropriately to achieve the goals of customers. The optimization of the own achievements is actively pursued with and due to the focus on scaling of the agency.



With its ideal location in the border triangle where Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium meet, its medieval charm and cultural offerings, a city like Aachen can convince not only advertising agencies like Adfreak of its creative potential.


In order to give the numerous small and medium-sized companies in and around Aachen the attention they are looking for, we have specialised in all kinds of online marketing: from the creation of high-quality websites including comprehensive search engine optimisation, to the creation of a professional corporate design, to the shooting of your individual image film.

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