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SEO Agency Aachen - Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to tinker or use Google as a relevant marketing channel?

Playsymbol Webdesign Filmproduktion Marketing
Playsymbol Webdesign Filmproduktion Marketing

Is it prollig to mention that we reach the largest search volume of all agencies in Aachen? Ok, maybe a little. We’ll prove that later and get to the point first:


As an entrepreneur or responsible person in a marketing department, you share the same problems that concern us: People don’t buy the best product, but a good one that they immediately understand. We seek cooperation with companies that offer outstanding products and services in order to understand your ideas and successfully market your ideas.


As consultant and SEO agency Aachen we help you with your search engine optimization, so that you can use Google as a relevant channel.

Seo Agentur Aachen für Suchmaschinenoptimierung


How a single platform takes over multiple industries.

Google pursues a major goal: to deliver the best possible result to the searcher. If the search queries on Google represent a potential source of new customers for your company, it should be your goal to be found with your appearance and your services. In fact, it would be a considerable risk not to go that way:


Platforms are changing the digital world – with a significant impact on traditional markets. Search engine optimization plays an important role here, as most platforms have a large-scale SEO strategy and are facing the smaller lone warriors. Autoscout and Mobile regularly stand in front of local dealers. Check24 replaces insurance brokers, tour operators and various other industries with a single platform.


And now? Of course, it is still possible to be at the forefront. As a consultant and SEO agency in Aachen, we help you with your search engine optimization and design a strategy with you that reaches a relevant search volume and achieves sales.

Agentur für Suchmaschinenoptimierung in Aachen


We are happy to advise you

We are happy to help you to be found on the Internet. Our services include:

  •   Free initial consultation
  • Concept & Strategy
  • Keyword analysis
  • OnPage Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Backlink construction
  • Ongoing support & advice
  • Optimization of country pages
  • Web development
  • Text creation & optimization

Contact us via our contact form or simply give us a call: 0241 919 999 63


We are proven to be really good.

We strive for creativity, perfection, optimisation and growth for your brand with full self-commitment. As an owner-managed agency, our promises are backed by people who work reliably and with attention to detail on your measurable success every day.

Since everyone could claim this, we will let our customers and their projects speak for us in the following. In addition you will find on this page an evaluation of our reach on Google – if there is a competitive industry in search engine optimization, then certainly the SEO agencies.


How our customers have benefited from this partnership

How AIR ALLIANCE won the ITIJ Industry Award

Air Ambulance Company of the Year – 2017 in Barcelona, 2017 in Geneva, 2018 – How Air Alliance won the ITIJ Industry Award twice in a row with the joint film production.


An image film in which the customer is the hero, suffers a stroke of fate and finds a “happy end”.

Wir haben die neue Wordpress Seite von Freizeit Aktiv erstellt.

A tour operator that reaches its target group online

30 years of Freizeit Aktiv class trips at fair prices – so that the more than 100 destinations in more than 15 countries with diverse accommodations will continue to make teachers and students the choice of the future, we have completely rebuilt the portal and are responsible for ongoing marketing.

PC7 Team in Samedan

Swiss Air Force

An image film for the Swiss Air Force – shooting location St. Moritz

Mockup von Webseite Zahnarztpraxis München

A dental practice in Munich on the first place

There are many dentists in Munich. For a 26 year old dentist who has taken over a practice in Munich, competition is just one of many challenges. With her professional competence, she was already one step ahead of many colleagues before the takeover – but an outstanding achievement also needs to be marketed.


It was obvious that the external image of the practice “Zahnarzt Trudering – Eva Peuckert” would be taken over by your brother and founder of Adfreak. The goal: first place in the search results and a website that does justice to your services both online and offline.

Leadgenerierung für Motorradhändler als Plattform

The development and marketing of a platform

We buy your motorcycle is a platform developed and operated by adfreak.

WKDM is a brokerage platform that allows private sellers to sell their motorcycle, scooter or quad quickly and easily. We want to give private sellers the opportunity to sell motorcycles to dealers without much effort.


Mistakes in search engine optimization, which you should spare yourself.

Search engine optimization has been on everyone’s lips for years and yet serious mistakes are still being made time and again. In our SEO agency in Aachen, Germany, we also have to deal with websites every day where even the most rudimentary measures for optimization are completely missing or mistakes are made in content creation. In the meantime, it is enormously important to be at the top of the Google search results in order to be able to compete with the competition. At first, when planning the contribution, we thought that we could get by with a short list of maybe 5 common errors, but in the end we have now reached 15 SEO errors that we absolutely want to address. Errors that we encounter especially in online shops will be dealt with in a separate article. By no means all problems are mentioned. If you have the impression that all this is just a little “hard work”, don’t think in a holistic strategy and waste your time and/or money.


Missing Title Tags

With OnPage optimization, there is actually no getting around a title tag. And yet we still find many HTML documents in which no title tag is built into the source code and which are published. The clickable page title is the first and most prominent thing that searchers see in the SERP’s and should be maintained accordingly.

Missing Meta-Description

Although the meta-description does not have the decisive influence on the ranking, many of them lack descriptions completely. If you consider that with a good meta-description you can achieve much higher click rates with really little effort, it is worth investing the few minutes. What good is a high ranking if nobody clicks on the search result because of bad or missing meta tags like description and above mentioned title nobody clicks on it?!

Missing or defective image attributes

Images support products and content on the website, increase the relevance of the topic and improve the user experience. However, the Google Robot has difficulty reading them. That is why it is so important to optimize the images as well. Most often, the alt-attributes are missing in the images, but file names, image titles and descriptions also promote the findability of the website. Read with us what you need to consider when optimizing images for Google.

Too little or bad content

For some years now, the keyword Content is King has been circulating in the online marketing industry. As an SEO agency, we also rely on high-quality content to a high degree. However, very often we find very little or bad content on the websites we analyse. Unique content with high added value should not only be written for the search engine, which of course has been paying more attention to unique content for some time now, but above all it should be created for the users of the website. Meaningful content and texts bind the user to the website, increase the length of stay, reduce the jump rate, invite to revisit the site and yes, they also increase the placement in the search results. These are just a handful of reasons to attach importance to good content.

In addition, the content should be well structured. Missing or meaningless headlines are also a common SEO mistake. Furthermore, the structuring of a text with headings should not be graphical, but in HTML format, i.e. with the familiar h tags from 1 to 6.

Duplicated Content

Double or duplicated content means that two or more pages in the wide world of the web have the same or almost the same (near content) content. Instead of writing high quality and unique texts for the website yourself or commissioning a content or SEO agency that knows something about it, you see it over and over again that texts are simply copied and integrated into your own website. This does not even have to happen intentionally with the knowledge of the negative effects of such content. Ultimately, however, duplicate content only harms and leads to the website being devalued or even penalized by being filtered out of the search results.

Bad, unsuitable keywords

One of the basic elements of search engine optimization is and remains the keyword. Keyword optimization is the non-plus-ultra for good positions in the search engine results. Unfortunately, we often come across websites that use very bad or even completely unsuitable keywords. In the meta data they are meanwhile not important at all or not at all, but the texts on the web pages, no matter whether in the shop or in the blog, should be filled with the right keywords – and if possible still in the right places. Many of our customers choose the wrong keywords or try to grab traffic with keywords that are irrelevant for their particular service. A good keyword research and the exact idea of which keyword or keywords the page should be found under is an important basis for keyword optimization.


Keyword spam

The times in which texts on websites were filled with an enormous number of keywords are long gone. And yet, when texts are available, we often find an unnecessarily high density of keywords, up to 8 percent. When it comes to keyword density, you will find quite different optimal percentages on the net, which vary between 0.5 and even 7 percent. We recommend a density of 0.5 to 2.5 percent, whereby it does not only depend on how often the keywords occur, but above all on the places in the text or on the web page where they are used. If, for example, the relevant keywords only appear at the end of a text or in the image descriptions, they will not have the same level of relevance as at the beginning of the text and search terms used in headings (h-tags).

The further development of keyword density is WDF*IDF analysis, which is used in addition to pure keyword density measurement to measure the importance of a word within the domain and the frequency of the search term in the topic in the rankings. We will look at WDF*IDF in more detail in a blog article.

Backlink spam

Of course, you can still attach great importance to outgoing links, backlinks. However, in the meantime it depends much more on the quality than the quantity. Looking for meaningful link partnerships is the be-all and end-all of backlink creation. But you should also be aware that in times of the influence of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Co. the weighting of backlinks will probably continue to decrease. Nevertheless, link building is still an essential starting point for strong rankings.


Too little internal linking

If content or even texts are to be found on a website, we often encounter missing or insufficient internal links in the day-to-day agency work. It is important to link one’s own internal pages well with each other, because this way they are optimally indexed by the crawlers of the search engines. Pages that are related to each other should be linked together as speaking links (i.e. a short description of what you can expect under the link). Links like “click here” are meaningless and do not lead to the desired result. You should also avoid mass links in the footer, which have almost no importance in search engine optimization.


Long loading times

There is hardly anything worse than slow Internet pages. Not only the users, but also the search engines find that. Uncompressed images or images scaled by code and an unbelievable amount of scripts unnecessarily overload the website and slow it down. With Google PageSpeed, for example, you can examine the loading times of your website well and at the same time get valuable tips on how to improve the loading times.


No responsiveness

Even though more and more people are surfing with tablets and smartphones and consuming the content of websites, unfortunately it has not yet become standard practice to optimize the pages for mobile use. A responsive design has become indispensable and yet it is all too rarely found. Instead of additionally setting up a mobile website on a subdomain, you should think about mobile use from the ground up and optimize your website for smartphones and tablets. There are a few things to consider, such as optimizing loading times, avoiding Flash content or user-friendly operation.


Flash and Javascript

Often you can still find menus and buttons that are dynamically generated with JavaScript, Yes, it offers many possibilities for the visual and interactive design of a website, but most functions can now easily be taken over by HTML5 or can be realized in parts by CSS. A bad habit, which should stop with the official announcement of Adobe to stop the further development from 2020, now slowly really let everyone be, is the integration of Flash content of different kinds. In the early days of the WWW, Flash surely still had its right to exist and many videos, games and 3D realizations ran with the software. Not only that mobile devices cannot play Flash formats anyway, but also that they cost an insane amount of performance, are good reasons to do without this format now (and not only from 2020). HTML5 is the new Flash!


Bad URL structures

Of course, a website should not only be easy to read and operate for Google, but also for the user. A common SEO mistake here are bad URL structures. Not only that the keyword should be as far ahead as possible, but also inscrutable and meaningless special characters, columns of numbers or the session ID display are always a problem.


No Sitemap.xml

With an XML sitemap you can help the search engines to interpret and correctly index the website. For quite small websites and pages with a really good link structure, creating a sitemap is not absolutely necessary. But since this little help really doesn’t bother you, it is very easy to integrate via the webmaster tools and we as an SEO agency usually encounter not very well structured websites with a lack of internal links, it should get its place here in this list of the most common SEO errors.


Missing robots txt

The robots.txt is an important tool to tell the search engines which pages they can index and which not. Actually it is pure technique, but you should add it to the SEO. Because not only whole pages can be excluded from crawling, but also finer units such as certain image formats.


With its ideal location in the border triangle where Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium meet, its medieval charm and cultural offerings, a city like Aachen can convince not only advertising agencies like Adfreak of its creative potential.


In order to give the numerous small and medium-sized companies in and around Aachen the attention they are looking for, we have specialised in all kinds of online marketing: from the creation of high-quality websites including comprehensive search engine optimisation, to the creation of a professional corporate design, to the shooting of your individual image film.

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