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Understanding, creativity & growth for your company

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How successful companies use websites

Playsymbol Webdesign Filmproduktion Marketing
Playsymbol Webdesign Filmproduktion Marketing

How beautiful would a world be, in which a great product, an outstanding achievement or in short: the ideas and ideals for which you stand are found, understood and bought?


It’s not design or programming that determines your success – it’s the sum of countless decisions that have to be made.


We can help you. And yes, we also deliver tailor-made, innovative & modern websites as a provider for web design in Aachen.

Webdesigner aus Aachen


Why Amazon doesn't want to win a design award

Jeff Bezos may be seen as a critical monopoly with Amazon today – from an entrepreneurial point of view, he has obviously made many right decisions. How did an idea become the largest marketplace in the world, even though an online shop was anything but an innovation at the time it was founded? And why does Amazon today look like a 2010 website? Both questions can be answered in one word: Strategy.


Jeff Bezos discovered and used Google ads and search engine optimization at a time when others still doubted the Internet. He developed affiliate marketing (recommendation marketing) and brought it to perfection to this day. But the most important thing is his consistent product development and unbeatable service.


If you have an outstanding product / service, we would like to contribute our impulses in the area of marketing and become part of a success story.


If you want to sell books online, we wish you every success. In all other cases please contact us for a first conversation!

Media Jahre Hompage und Internetseiten


We are happy to advise you

Web design involves more than good looks. We would be happy to advise you on the individual components:

  • Strategy
  • layout
  • Creation & setup
  • search engine optimization
  • Personal Support
  • Individual programming
  • corporate design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Online Shop Systems

Contact us via our contact form or simply give us a call: 0241 91999963


We love what we do.

We don’t just want to advertise your trust, we want to cultivate it.
How can we keep our promise? We are a young team – we always keep our know-how in the fields of design and programming up to date. Through smart solutions with ready-made content management systems, templates, designs and plugins, we want to offer you more than just a good price. For us, web design does not start with “W”, but with a holistic analysis.


Our web design solutions are both functional and cost-effective. Over 300 successful projects in recent years speak for themselves.

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How our customers have benefited from this partnership

Wir haben die neue Wordpress Seite von Freizeit Aktiv erstellt.

A tour operator that reaches its target group online

30 years of Freizeit Aktiv class trips at fair prices – so that the more than 100 destinations in more than 15 countries with diverse accommodations will continue to make teachers and students the choice of the future, we have completely rebuilt the portal and are responsible for ongoing marketing.

Mockup von Webseite Zahnarztpraxis München

A dental practice in Munich on the first place

There are many dentists in Munich. For a 26 year old dentist who has taken over a practice in Munich, competition is just one of many challenges. With her professional competence, she was already one step ahead of many colleagues before the takeover – but an outstanding achievement also needs to be marketed.


It was obvious that the external image of the practice “Zahnarzt Trudering – Eva Peuckert” would be taken over by your brother and founder of Adfreak. The goal: first place in the search results and a website that does justice to your services both online and offline.

Design & Usability

The DASDA Theater from Aachen has got a new website.

The site is based on the German CMS “Kirby” and runs with best performance.

Leadgenerierung für Motorradhändler als Plattform

The development and marketing of a platform

We buy your motorcycle is a platform developed and operated by adfreak.

WKDM is a brokerage platform that allows private sellers to sell their motorcycle, scooter or quad quickly and easily. We want to give private sellers the opportunity to sell motorcycles to dealers without much effort.

Webdesign für Ecoexpress aus Aachen

Launderette Franchise Chain Digitize

Waschsalon.de is probably the best known launderette chain in Germany.

The claim was a web page, which stands out technically and which illustrates the automated processes of the salons in the Web. In addition to an individual design, our solution provides an intuitive mobile version of the site.


What do you get from us?

What really matters? Outstanding and user-friendly design? A website that is optimized for Google? Why do you need a (new) website at all?


Probably you have searched and found us for a very simple reason: You want to win new customers and convince them of your services.


With our software solutions you can present your company in a proper way and offer your products an appropriate platform. From the conception to the finished and user-friendly web presence, we are at your side in all aspects.

Why is web design important for your company?

The same applies to your own Internet presence: There is no second chance for a first impression. The first few seconds often decide whether a potential customer wants to continue with your site or clicks on the search for a more appealing site. If you want to have a successful presence on the Internet, there are a few things you have to consider. First of all, it must be made clear that it is always an advantage to work with an experienced web designer when creating or revising your website in order to achieve an optimal result. With our know-how we know what is important for a good website and can help you to achieve your goals.

Which things are especially important in web design?

  1. Make sure that visitors to your website feel that they are being addressed quickly and directly. This is best achieved by visually appealing content, interesting headlines and well thought-out structures that are reflected in an attractive overview.
  2. Avoid long loading times! In addition to the good appearance of your website, a fast and error-free loading time on as many end devices as possible is of particular importance. Important for this is a careful programming and a separate adaptation for mobile devices.
  3. User-friendliness or usability is a decisive attribute that significantly increases your chances of success on the Internet. The easier and more intuitive your visitors can move around on your website, the better it is for your company. This is also where point 1 comes in. As clearer your website structure is, as easier is the navigation for your customers.
  4. Not only the number and the satisfaction of your customers distinguish good web design. A good web designer always has search engines, such as Google or Bing, in the back of his mind when programming a website. The better the programming, the higher the ranking of the search engines is, so that your site can be found faster in the end. For this reason, trained web designers also always consult with copywriters and programmers, so that enough space is left for search engine optimized texts and slim source codes in programming are made possible.
  5. Develop a successful corporate design, which is reflected on your complete website and thus conveys competence, seriousness and trust to the visitor. Characteristics of a good corporate design are the use of the same colours, symbols and lettering. The advantage of the internet is that a brand does not have to have an equivalent in the real world. A brand or brand can exist very successfully only on the net.
  6. Make sure that the feelings of your customers are addressed by an attractive web design. By using different tools like colors, shapes, fonts and symbols, a good web designer can create a convincing overall composition that invites the visitor of your site to stay.
  7. In addition to a visually appealing web design, you must also offer interesting content on your website to arouse the curiosity of the visitor. Curiosity is the main motivator to take a closer look at a page. Images, texts and interactive elements go hand in hand.
  8. Don’t forget that your texts have to be relevant for your target group at the same time. Visitors to your site want to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will go to another page that promises you a faster answer.
  9. Use different forms of presentation for your internet presence! With the help of videos, slideshows, animations, music and interactive infographics, your website looks more interesting and the user’s attention can be maintained over a longer period of time.
  10. Targets are measured by conversions. You, as the website operator, have the possibility to measure how long visitors stay on your website and which content they consume or contact forms are filled out. Good web design also always has the goal of enabling and optimising the previously defined conversions.

What does it actually mean?...

Content management system

A Content Management System (or CMS for short) is an application that allows you to edit the content of a website without the need for programming skills. It is usually operated via a graphical interface in the web browser. For our customers we often use the CMS WordPress. WordPress is an open source provider – the CMS Content Management System is accordingly free of charge. Free of charge in this case definitely does not mean inferior. On the contrary: WordPress is the most widely used solution worldwide.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive web page is a web page that automatically adjusts its appearance to the size of the screen on which it is displayed and thus selects the optimal display. Since websites are displayed on a variety of different devices today, there is no way around Response Webdesign. You should rather ask yourself which device is the most important for you or your target group and optimize the content of your web design project accordingly. In the B2C area it is often the mobile devices that you should focus on. In B2B it depends strongly on the content, whereby here too much is accessed via tablet and smartphone.


With search engine optimization SEO is meant the optimization of a website for search engines. A search engine (e.g. Google) evaluates your website according to various criteria in order to classify the position of your website in relation to certain search queries. Search engine optimization is important for you if it plays a role for you to be found online. The optimization of your website starts with the selection of relevant search terms, a keyword analysis. Subsequently, the contents of your website are adapted to the optimal search terms. The search engine optimization – short SEO – is still very simple and basically described. The keyword analysis, a technical optimization (e.g. also the loading time) and the design of perfect content requires a lot of experience and know-how.

Fast loading times

What fast loading times are is easily explained: Your website can be opened quickly (even with a bad connection)? Congratulations! You have a fast website. Or the page is very old, no “complex” technology has been installed yet. A fancy new website often loads slowly, because although attention was paid to design wishes and content, the technical implementation was poorly handled. Checking the loading time is simple: You can use the Google service “Pagespeed Insights” and get information about possible optimization potential. However, often only a web developer will be able to provide you with a solution to the problem.

Corporate identity

In the context of a website, we understand corporate identity to be the application of your graphic identity – the guidelines that should be uniformly observed for the presentation of your company. If you have a CI, perhaps even a CI Guide, we will follow the guidelines exactly. If the guidelines are rather vague, we use existing media to achieve the appropriate result. Alternatively, it would also be advisable to develop a corporate identity first and to record it.

Full service

A full service agency is an agency that covers the needs of its customers in the area of “marketing” completely or comprehensively. A typical full service agency provides services in the following areas:

  • Print
  • Digital
  • Media
  • SEM

Full service in the context of creating a website requires at least knowledge in the areas of designing your website, knowledge of user experience, legal basics and privacy, web development, search engine optimization for text images, as well as hosting.


Aachen erweist sich als ausgezeichneter Standort für die kreativen Köpfe von Adfreak: mit seinem internationalen Charme an der Grenze zu den Niederlanden und Belgien, dem mittelalterlichen Stadtkern voller Geschichte und dem breiten kulturellen Angebot wirkt eine Stadt wie Aachen anregend und ertragreich für das Schaffen eines jeden Unternehmens.

Diesen Unternehmen stehen wir mit unseren professionellen und einzigartigen Webdesigns zur Seite, mit denen Sie Ihre potentiellen Kunden vom ersten Augenblick an überzeugen werden.

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