Job offers advertising agency Adfreak

We are always looking for the best creative minds in Germany and burn for talent.

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  • Job offers advertising agency Adfreak

    Job offers advertising agency Adfreak
    Job offers advertising agency Adfreak
    Job offers advertising agency Adfreak
    Job offers advertising agency Adfreak
    Job offers advertising agency Adfreak
  • We are always looking for the best creative minds in Germany and burn for talent.

  • Contact & get an assessment



You can be a small wheel in a large corporation and always do the same tasks. But then please do not apply to us! We are a small and fine creative team that places great value on quality and cohesion, but above all we love variety. Each of our employees can put their qualities and wishes into practice with us.


Whether in our own projects or with customers – with our holistic support we inspire with full creativity and passion for our work. We look for the right activities for your skills and you can shine. You decide yourself where your path leads you. You want to aspire to a management position or simply be part of the whole? With us you are guaranteed to find your place in the company.


A good atmosphere, flat hierarchy and close cooperation characterize us – there is no room for boredom! Become part of the agency and completely redesign your professional life.



  • Programming
  • Design
  • SEO
  • SEA
  • SMM
  • Film
  • Administration



The road need not always be rocky. It’s very easy to apply for a job with us. To ensure that your application receives the greatest attention, it should be as informative as possible. Whether you apply by e-mail or by post is entirely up to you. Make sure that the following documents are enclosed:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Work samples / references / portfolio
  • if applicable, certificates

If we are interested in your application, we will get back to you within a short time. Of course you can always call us and ask for further information.
Since we may receive a large number of applications, we will only return written applications if they are accompanied by a sufficiently stamped envelope.

SEO Jobs

Are you looking for a job in a modern company with a flat hierarchy and great opportunities for advancement? Then you are exactly right with us! We have the best jobs around search engine optimization. Which SEO jobs we have to offer, you can see below.

It is important that the following characteristics apply to you:

  • team-oriented
  • hungry for knowledge
  • creative
  • diligent
  • hungry for success

SEO training for more competence


If you don’t meet any of the requirements below, but you are so fascinated by the business around the internet that you want to be a part of it, there’s no need to panic. We also train apprentices. Find out now which jobs you can learn with us!

Content Manager (m/w/d)

You have always had the gift of writing great lyrics that inspire people around you? That sounds like a career path!


Whether you are a student of German language and literature or just a hobby writer, if you have a talent for writing, there are many ways to succeed. What skills are expected:


  • Creativity
  • fluent in spoken and written German
  • A-levels at least
  • fast fingers


You research and create editorial content for websites and print media as a content writer. Whether as a trainee or as an editor, with us it never gets boring – there is a lot to learn! We not only pay attention to the quality of the texts, but also train you in the basics of search engine optimization. This means that you can always move up into a job field with more responsibility. As a content author you are right in the middle of the creative team and collect many valuable impressions.

SEO Consultant (m/w/d)

You already have experience in search engine optimization and know how to run a rabbit? We are looking for exactly you! For the analysis of various web projects and support, as well as consulting of our customers we are looking for a talented SEO, who will be a part of the team with heart and blood. You will not only support our clients, but you can also take on leadership responsibility, such as coordinating the content writers.


The field of activity for an SEO analyst is large. We not only train the new generation in the SEO world, but also give seminars for clients and run our own web projects. That means you have a wide range of possibilities to realize your potential in our company.


Knowledge and skills:

  • Several years (min. 2) professional experience
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and technology
  • Autonomous operation


In your work you not only work with highly motivated SEO colleagues, but of course you also use various SEO tools to investigate our clients and competitors. So it is easy to create a work report and performance reports for the client.

Online Marketing Manager (m/w/d)

You want to prove your skills in online marketing? Then apply today. We offer varied and varied work, from AdWords optimization to newsletter marketing to affiliate campaigns.

Social Media Manager (m/w/d)

The social network is your life and of course you want to spend your working day there? That’s great!


We are looking for reinforcement for our social team and need ideas that inspire. With a good feeling for the customer’s wishes and creative ideas you will bring our customers’ brands into the hearts of the fanbase.

With great contributions we increase the fan base and offer unique experiences. Are you ready?


You bring the following skills with you:

  • Basic knowledge of graphic design
  • very good knowledge with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Co
  • lots of creativity
  • Ambition
  • And of course as with all tasks – have fun working in a team!

Media designer (m/w/d)

You are bubbling over with ideas and want to put this spark into action? Whether you have learned graphic design and design websites, banners and print media together with us, or you are more the film type and shoot commercials for our customers, you are at the right place with us. It never gets boring here. With a team of many creative minds, you put your ideas into practice.


We not only design excellent graphics, but also produce advertising videos, image films, trailers and other professional film work. If creativity and a keen eye for excellent pictures are your business card, don’t hesitate a second longer to apply! What you should bring along:


  • Completed vocational training / studies
  • Great motivation
  • Many creative ideas


We are looking forward to your application.

Web designer (m/w/d)

A design in WordPress is one of your easiest exercises and you inspire with perfect design and constantly new ideas? Well then welcome aboard! We are looking for a web designer who knows his craft. The basic requirements are very good knowledge in:


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress


and good knowledge of:


  • PHP
  • Javascript


Please attach meaningful work from you to your application so that we can see at first glance that you are the right person for the job. A screenshot is sufficient. We look forward to admiring your work.

Web developer (m/w/d)

Programming is your great love? Do you have the necessary expertise to implement your own projects or solve problems together as part of a team? You create applications like apps, software, platforms, online shops and robots. You have a perfect command of programming languages like PHP, Javascript and HTML.


One of the following programming languages and knowledge with databases are also welcome:


  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Android
  • Python


With us you can live out your full creativity. We offer you not only existing tasks, but also the possibility to realize your own ideas. If you have a good idea and want to implement it technically, then get started!


With its ideal location in the border triangle where Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium meet, its medieval charm and cultural offerings, a city like Aachen can convince not only advertising agencies like Adfreak of its creative potential.


In order to give the numerous small and medium-sized companies in and around Aachen the attention they are looking for, we have specialised in all kinds of online marketing: from the creation of high-quality websites including comprehensive search engine optimisation, to the creation of a professional corporate design, to the shooting of your individual image film.
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