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How a company can grow & make a marketing department proud

Playsymbol Webdesign Filmproduktion Marketing
Playsymbol Webdesign Filmproduktion Marketing

As an entrepreneur or responsible person in a marketing department, you share the same problems that concern us: People don’t buy the best product, but a good one that they understand immediately. We work in collaboration with companies that offer outstanding products and services in order to understand your ideas and successfully market them.


Holistic communication strategies, defined processes & creativity – we provide you with all the necessary resources for the successful sale of products and services from a single source. Together we unveil unexplored potential – take the first step and contact us now!



With our solutions, you reach the customers who match your profile and leave an impression that corresponds to your values. Our aim is to be the perfect advertising agency for you. In addition to conceptual design and consulting, you will receive from us:

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Reliable & creative

We strive for creativity, perfection, optimization and growth for your brand with full self-commitment. Your market presence no longer has to be a worry for you, because with Adfreak you have a full service agency at your fingertips that understands how to implement the marketing of a medium-sized company holistically, efficiently and reliably. As an owner-managed agency, our promises are backed by a dedicated team who work consistently and with attention to detail on your measurable success every day.


In addition to the KPIs, a good price-performance ratio and the highest quality, harmony is very important to us: the relationship with our customers, but also the daily cooperation in the team is equally consciously developed. In addition to reliability, experience and fresh ideas, the concept of the perfect advertising agency also includes an environment in which every employee can realize his or her own ideas and strengths. For you this means that we work on your projects with the highest motivation and energy. Let us drive your marketing forward.

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How our customers have benefited from this partnership

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  • How AIR ALLIANCE won the ITIJ Industry Award

    Air Ambulance Company of the Year – 2017 in Barcelona, 2017 in Geneva, 2018 – How Air Alliance won the ITIJ Industry Award twice in a row with the joint film production.


    An image film in which the customer is the hero, suffers a stroke of fate and finds a “happy end”.

  • A tour operator that reaches its target group online

    30 years of Freizeit Aktiv class trips at fair prices – so that the more than 100 destinations in more than 15 countries with diverse accommodations will continue to make teachers and students the choice of the future, we have completely rebuilt the portal and are responsible for ongoing marketing.

  • Swiss Air Force

    An image film for the Swiss Air Force – shooting location St. Moritz

  • A dental practice in Munich on the first place

    There are many dentists in Munich. For a 26 year old dentist who has taken over a practice in Munich, competition is just one of many challenges. With her professional competence, she was already one step ahead of many colleagues before the takeover – but an outstanding achievement also needs to be marketed.


    It was obvious that the external image of the practice “Zahnarzt Trudering – Eva Peuckert” would be taken over by your brother and founder of Adfreak. The goal: first place in the search results and a website that does justice to your services both online and offline.

  • The development and marketing of a platform

    We buy your motorcycle is a platform developed and operated by adfreak.

    WKDM is a brokerage platform that allows private sellers to sell their motorcycle, scooter or quad quickly and easily. We want to give private sellers the opportunity to sell motorcycles to dealers without much effort.

  • ZQ Cig commercial

    An advertising spot for the e-cigarettes ZQ CIG to be broadcast in the stores and as cinema advertising.


Collaborating with Adfreak

Every project is unique. We offer you the services to help your company achieve maximum media presence. We are your contact for all questions and concerns. We implement your projects. Unique, innovative and individually adapted for your company. We look forward to working with you.

  • Concept
  • Development
  • Delivery
  • Support



If we consider successful marketing to be one of the essential challenges in an aspiring company, we regularly find that our support helps you achieve your goals and the desire for new customers, measurable success and consistency in a collaboration rather than on your own.


We do not presume to understand the marketing of your company better than you can. We see ourselves much more as a sparring partner who is at your side with experience and advice and provides you with the most efficient, reliable and creative solutions to meet your requirements. Since the digital world is changing at an unprecedented speed, it is almost impossible for an SME to cover the full range of skills required.

If your company does not employ designers, web developers, SEM & social media experts, film producers or a project manager with experience in these areas, you cannot expect relevant scaling. The disciplines behind the needed The resource ‘time’ must be used wisely. Your activities should concentrate where you can maximize your financial and ideal values.


Your perfect external image grows from our understanding of your company, through creativity, experience and systematic cooperation. Together we explore untapped potential – take the first step and contact us now!


What our customers say about us

Leistungen Werbeagentur Aachen



We give your company a profile and deliver all solutions from a single source:

As a digital agency we are experts in our field. We would like to help you to present your company in the best light – whether it is with the medium film, your individual website, packaging design, exhibition design or in basic questions about strategy, marketing and sales.


We offer you a wide range of services from a single source. With enthusiasm and a wealth of experience, we make the most of your ideas and present your company creatively and competently.




The creation of an outstanding website requires a structured concept and a target group-oriented design. No masterpiece can be created without web developers and designers who have mastered their craft perfectly and who are constantly improving their skills.


If your website has not yet reached every potential visitor and turned into a customer, we are confident that we can achieve this goal together with you.


We start the journey together with a detailed consultation. You will learn how the collaboration can look like and we will answer every question in detail. After your needs have been clarified and the necessary services and procedures have been defined, the implementation begins.


Our demand on the quality of our products is very high: perfect user experience, loading times as fast as an arrow and security & data protection are a matter of importance for us. However, the key to a successful web project lies not only in the correct implementation of the sub-disciplines – the prerequisite is an understanding of your company and the linking of knowledge to implementation in the digital world. Contact us now!



The ‘Internet’ is a marketing and sales channel through which you can win customers as well as potential employees. Whether we’re thinking of Google Ads or the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Xing, the goal of a PPC campaign is a high ROI. In the context of customer acquisition, your website alone is merely a means to an end and by no means a guarantee for increasing sales. A successful marketing concept starts much earlier with a holistic strategy.


Ignoring the chances of digitalization can not only lead to you not reaching potential customers. In the worst case, you will miss the boat and reach a point where there is no turning back. Escaping through the front, on the other hand, can open up new opportunities for your company.


For us Search Engine Marketing starts with a detailed consultation and the search for real opportunities for your company. For this we have to understand your products, processes and customers. Since we are a full service agency, we can also reliably guarantee further cooperation with the necessary transfer services between strategy, web development and content to the extent you desire. You can access our range of services from consulting to full implementation in any scope and according to an agile model.


Would you like to achieve measurable success? Contact us for an initial discussion!

Foto Agentur Film Aachen



Which media do you actually need? The question about the content of a new market presence is by no means the one you should ask yourself first. Rather, you should ask yourself which customers and what purpose you would like to achieve with new texts, images or an image film.


We see two main reasons for the creation of high-quality media. Information and image – with media used in a meaningful way you can make your message more easily accessible and thus secure the attention and understanding of the viewer. At the same time, you communicate your values by stimulating the viewer’s imagination and leaving behind images, emotions and impressions of your brand. First of all, you should consider how you would like to be perceived and which media you can use to reach your target group.


We advise you impartially in order to determine together which media are suitable for achieving your goals. No matter whether the resulting requirements are stylish texts, creative & high-quality images or a film production – As a full service agency, we can also reliably carry out the subsequent implementation. Contact us!



Google has only one big mission: to give the searcher the best possible result. If search queries on Google and the other services are a source of potential new customers for you, your goal should be to achieve exactly this result with your appearance and your services.


The existing potential for your company can be very high. Probably your competition has also recognized the opportunities and seized them. There is a competition as you know it within the familiar and more tangible markets. New with digital marketplaces, however, are various rules and contexts. In order to open up the existing market and win new customers and employees online, you can learn these connections yourself and work together with an experienced agency.


The necessary competences include UX / UI, web development, creation of texts and media, as well as the knowledge of the principles of search engine optimization itself.

Seo Agentur Aachen für Suchmaschinenoptimierung



If you are not able to fully map these competencies, we will be happy to support you exactly to the extent you need. We develop smart, creative and target-oriented strategies and support you with our portfolio as consultants, designers, developers and content managers as a fully-fledged external marketing department that acts for you as would normally only be possible within the structures of a large company.


Further information can be found on our website. We would like to invite you to a discussion about chances and risks. Contact us and discover new ways.

Fotograf Aachen



Photography is teamwork. Before the trigger is activated, there is a creative and conceptual process that leads to a result that blends aesthetically and target-group oriented into your external image. Our photographer Teresa Horres supports you in the selection of the appropriate scenery, make-up, direction, lighting and post-production.


Our portfolio includes the creation of product photos, portraits, macro shots, panoramas, virtual tours, 3D renderings, aerial shots and compositions.

Filmproduktion Aachen



A film can increase your sales. It can attract new employees to your company. A film can take the pressure off sales and anchor the values of your company in the minds of your target group. We accompany you from the objective, idea finding, creation of storyboard & script to production and successful marketing.


A film production is successful if each of the disciplines is treated in a structured and creative way.

Werbeagentur für Corporate-design



Your brand is a living idea and combines imagination, experience and emotions in the minds of your customers. We help you to visually express your vision and leave the impression your customers should expect. In every project, we take the brand and customer perspective in order to create success and growth.


Companies that want to position their brand on the market today have to struggle with great challenges. No matter whether it is a matter of promoting your own product or presenting yourself as an employer – the competition is great and it is correspondingly important to hit the nail on the head.


The first step is to understand your situation and the requirements you face. Depending on your goals, we will be happy to accompany you in an advisory and executive capacity from a customer survey / market analysis to the publication of individual works or a new ‘corporate identity’.


From logo design to classic printed matter to tangible advertising media and advertising campaigns, we find colours, shapes and the right marketing mix that communicates the message of your brand to your target group.


Contact us – we look forward to asking the questions that really matter!

Digitalagentur Aachen



The best possible performance for your project is part of a holistic strategy. Short loading times, uninterrupted availability and high security standards have a direct effect on your visibility in search engines and the user experience.


Smooth and secure mail traffic without spam and outages should also be a matter of importance.


We offer the necessary infrastructure with which you can achieve a completely satisfactory result.

Therefore a full service digital agency


By using innovative and efficient software solutions, you will receive our products at an excellent price-performance ratio. You save time in the coordination and control of your projects. The key to successful communication lies in strategy.

In the field of web development we have experience with the CMS systems WordPress, Contau, Typo3 and Joomla, whereby our focus is on successful work with WordPress. Monthly WordPress Meetups take place in our premises in Hein-Janssen-Straße.


So far not mentioned services and synonyms: Internet agency for the design of advertising material – with a strategy for responsive creation. If you are still reading here, you should have asked us long ago and not take our texts for search engine optimization too seriously.

Advertising agencies in Aachen

Up to date

Through our experience and cooperation with Google, you will receive websites that are at the top of the ranking. We do not see our market companions in Aachen as competitors. For “Advertising Agency Aachen” you will find for example giftgrün, bachmann, heyn and wiessner.


The digital agency Giftgrün (subsidiary of GRÜN Software AG) is currently right at the top – we maintain a great relationship and have been able to complement each other well so far.

We regularly provide news and blog articles on your questions. Our topics are mainly about WordPress, SEO / SEM, design and web development in general.


For search engine optimization a monthly Marketing Meetup takes place in the premises of our advertising agency Aachen.

What makes the perfect advertising agency?

This question is potentially raised by two groups of people: Advertisers who need support with their advertising activities and employees who are looking for an attractive agency to pursue their passion. We deal with this question because we see the solution as the strategy for the long-term success of our company. The perfect strategy is of utmost importance with the different motivations for each party and the conditions are almost identical. This does not mean that there can only be one perfect advertising agency, or that “perfect advertising agencies” are always the same. It is first of all about the basic challenges that a service provider who employs personnel and provides solutions will master better or worse.

An advertising agency as cross-media marketing and creative department

In addition to successful sales, human resources, product / service, as well as controlling and finance, the marketing of the company is fundamentally necessary for long-term success. If your company does not have a marketing department that delivers perfect results in the areas relevant to you, improvements should be made. Here, too, marketing is mainly aimed at potential new employees and customers. It typically involves numerous channels and trades


Not every channel has to be relevant to you, but potential that you do not use are opportunities for scaling and success that you miss. Half-hearted or poorly executed trades and advertising campaigns are equally in the way of success and also cause unnecessary costs. If the employees of your marketing department are not experts in implementing the requirements assigned to them, you should not take on the tasks. A media designer who has already “built” a website should never be commissioned to implement your complete digital public image. The skills required for this include planning, web development, search engine marketing, content/media and design. Each part should be carried out by an expert with several years of experience in his or her field.


As many companies do not have a full internal marketing department, the only way to help is to have access to an external agency. Working with an external agency should work in total equal or better than setting up your own department. The advantages can lie in increased flexibility, because despite higher hourly rates, scalability and access to a wide range of know-how is possible without having to fill a full-time position with an expert. Working with freelancers is conceivable, but still requires a capable internal project manager who has the necessary basic knowledge in all sub-disciplines. Training an existing department for new impulses in the form of a consultation, a seminar or regular workshops can open up new perspectives in the constantly changing world of online marketing.

  • Market research and analysis
    – Definition of the target group
    – Determination of the relevant channels
    – Set orientation to “dream customers
  • Planning
  • Corporate identity and branding
  • Offline marketing
    – Advertising technology
    – Advertising material
    – Print design
    – Print campaigns / newspaper / magazine
    – TV advertising
    – Cinema advertising
    – Radio advertising
    – Trade fair construction and presentation
  • Online marketing
    – Search engine marketing
    – Programming
    – web design
    – Social media marketing

Personnel Marketing

New applicants are as important as new customers. Skilled professionals can choose your job – they need to be enthusiastic and identify with your company to stay. “Employer Branding” is more important than ever, the salary loses priority.


If you attract applicants via platforms or existing own channels, the communication of your values in the form of an authentic and attractive identity is still extremely important. The first impression of your corporate identity counts and tempts you to read on, apply and ideally hire. Opening up new sources in the context of personnel marketing not only helps to attract applications from job seekers. People in an existing employment relationship can also be reached and inspired – without headhunters and unnecessary costs. Perfect advertising agencies can achieve this. What value does a new employee, whom you urgently need, have for your company? Put the value of an individual employee in relation to the possible costs associated with the necessary measures.

Relaunch, advertising campaign or...?

Let’s first talk about goals, target group and a plan. We would never start a project, print brochures or revise a label without asking the right questions first. Nor should you. Even if you receive a “cheap” offer from a young team or a good friend. A good price/performance ratio is irrelevant if the result is not important for you. Have you defined a taste space? Is your target group more receptive to a film production or photography? Should your creation correspond to a high-quality ideal, or should it consciously appear cheap? Who is responsible for your brand empire should consciously ask themselves these and many other questions before the design is made. Whether it’s a relaunch, an advertising campaign or individual measures, the answers are much more targeted.


We would describe a relaunch as the reorientation of a brand, which can affect individual or several advertising media. Within a web application, this could also mean the fundamental change to another technology, which goes beyond adjustments or repairs in the source code. An advertising campaign describes the sum of individual measures that are coordinated within the basic orientation or individual campaigns with defined goals.


The last paragraph is aimed at search engines that still lack the terms twin and mio to create a dreamland for the search term Werbeagentur Aachen. If sentences and phrases (as in the last sentence) seem strange to you, this is due to the optimization for Google and other search engines.


Our conclusion: perfect agencies grow from an outstanding corporate culture, which with satisfied employees implement projects in a motivated and competent manner.


With this tool we help you get more traffic on your own website for free.




With its ideal location in the border triangle where Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium meet, its medieval charm and cultural offerings, a city like Aachen can convince not only advertising agencies like Adfreak of its creative potential.


In order to give the numerous small and medium-sized companies in and around Aachen the attention they are looking for, we have specialised in all kinds of online marketing: from the creation of high-quality websites including comprehensive search engine optimisation, to the creation of a professional corporate design, to the shooting of your individual image film.
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