How AIR ALLIANCE won the ITIJ Industry Award


How AIR ALLIANCE won the ITIJ Industry Award

Air Ambulance Company of the Year


2017 in Barcelona, 2018 in Genf

Air Alliance has won the ITIJ Industry award twice in a row with its joint film production Award gewonnen.


An image film in which the customer is the hero, suffers a stroke of fate and finds a “happy end”.

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Planning, production and mail in 4 weeks

The production of a good image film is always a challenge. A film production with numerous locations, several airplanes in the air, actors, athletes and employees who have to be in the right place at the right time does not make it any easier. One month before the ITIJ Industry Awards ceremony, it was clear that we would rise to the challenge.


“The ITIJ Awards are the leading accolade for the global travel and health insurance industry, rewarding companies that excel in serving their customers and clients to drive forward positive change in the industry.”

A bear in your movie?

How the shots were taken in 4 days on 4 locations

The managing director Mr. Krombach had named the film “Unreal” (Mountainbike Film) as a model, which shows beside great cutting technique and story also a bear, which pursues a cyclist. Of course we wanted to meet the expectations, especially since Canada is an apt location for international repatriation of sick people to Germany. A bear is not to be missed.


The pictures were taken in the forests of Siegerland and on location at Air Alliance. A flight to Canada was not necessary because we made a composition out of a photo for the first scene. The bear was shot and integrated in front of a green screen in the studio.


The aerial photos were taken air to air with a Challenger 604 and Supervan 900 in 4k RAW.

Otherwise we used a camera crane, Sony FS700 4k RAW, DJI Inspire, Glidecam HD4000, Sony A7R2 and DJI Ronin.

The award ceremony


The clips of the three finalists

The German translation



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