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Foundation, Takeover & Branding

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Attract patients & optimize utilization

For dentists, marketing is an investment of time outside of their own core competencies. The resource ‘time’ must be used wisely. Entrepreneurial action must not be neglected – your activities should be concentrated where you can maximize your financial and ideal values. Contact us for a consultation that will change your marketing, via our contact form or by telephone.

Agentur für Zahnarzt Praxismarketing



Perfect practice marketing grows out of our understanding of your treatment priorities, experience and systematic cooperation. With our solutions, you reach the customers who match your profile and leave an impression that corresponds to your understanding of health and aesthetics.



We are a full service agency specializing in the holistic management of the marketing of medium-sized companies. From business cards to all web channels to image films, we offer all the necessary services from a single source. You don’t have to worry about your own marketing – we strive for perfection, optimization and growth for your brand with full self-commitment.

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How our customers have benefited from this partnership

Wir haben die neue Wordpress Seite von Freizeit Aktiv erstellt.

A tour operator that reaches its target group online

30 years of Freizeit Aktiv class trips at fair prices – so that the more than 100 destinations in more than 15 countries with diverse accommodations will continue to make teachers and students the choice of the future, we have completely rebuilt the portal and are responsible for ongoing marketing.

Mockup von Webseite Zahnarztpraxis München

A dental practice in Munich on the first place

There are many dentists in Munich. For a 26 year old dentist who has taken over a practice in Munich, competition is just one of many challenges. With her professional competence, she was already one step ahead of many colleagues before the takeover – but an outstanding achievement also needs to be marketed.


It was obvious that the external image of the practice “Zahnarzt Trudering – Eva Peuckert” would be taken over by your brother and founder of Adfreak. The goal: first place in the search results and a website that does justice to your services both online and offline.

Design & Usability

The DASDA Theater from Aachen has got a new website.

The site is based on the German CMS “Kirby” and runs with best performance.

Leadgenerierung für Motorradhändler als Plattform

The development and marketing of a platform

We buy your motorcycle is a platform developed and operated by adfreak.

WKDM is a brokerage platform that allows private sellers to sell their motorcycle, scooter or quad quickly and easily. We want to give private sellers the opportunity to sell motorcycles to dealers without much effort.

Webdesign für Ecoexpress aus Aachen

Launderette Franchise Chain Digitize

Waschsalon.de is probably the best known launderette chain in Germany.

The claim was a web page, which stands out technically and which illustrates the automated processes of the salons in the Web. In addition to an individual design, our solution provides an intuitive mobile version of the site.

Conception – The treatment plan for your practice

Understanding your needs, developing the best possible solution and allowing alternatives – our approach is structured, the result is always individual. In a free initial consultation, we discuss your needs and you receive an estimate of the estimated costs of the possible solutions. For an extensive relaunch, the marketing of several locations and practices with high new customer demand, we are happy to offer an extensive workshop for the preparation of strategy and specification sheets. Agile project work and lateral thinking is a matter of course for us.


Web development – We know how important a good dental technician is

For the creation of an outstanding website, a structured concept and a target group-oriented design is required. However, without a web developer who is always motivated to improve his skills and is a perfect master of his craft, no masterpiece can be created. Our demands on the quality of our products are very high: perfect user experience, arrow-fast loading times as well as security & data protection are a matter of course for us, just like for dentists the perfect proximal contact for a new crown.


Print design – an eye for aesthetic colour determination

How do you want to be perceived by your customers? With an understanding of your ideas and the experience of how to inspire customers with your design language, we create your external presentation individually and target-oriented. We have seen a lot and know which media really work for your practice. Although we look after numerous dentists, every brand presentation looks unique – we use our know-how to your advantage. Talk to us about it!


SEO // SEA – We find the 5th root canal

Search engine marketing is of central importance for your dental practice if you want to attract new patients. Without targeted marketing, a website is nothing more than a business card, which, if your brand does not gain recognition elsewhere, is almost superfluous. For you, local search engine optimization or Adwords advertising is a highly relevant marketing channel that we can use profitably for you to plan your practice’s workload.

Why practice marketing for dentists?

In our digital world as a doctor, dentist and in other areas of medicine, you can no longer avoid practice marketing. Why? There are too many practices in the cities! This is especially due to the fact that nowadays there are fewer guidelines for opening your own practice and that large cities are often preferred by doctors. In addition, a large number of patients are increasingly searching the internet for their future doctors. In order not to get lost in the multitude of competitors and to attract new patients, it is important to have a professional and user-friendly website. Many practices in Germany are now online and are very positive about digitalisation. This attitude is important, because if you do not develop with them and do not embrace the digital age, you will have difficulties in recruiting patients in the future.


Acquiring new patients digitally

The professionalism and user-friendliness in relation to the website refers to the so-called corporate design, which describes the uniform visual appearance of a company. An individual logo with recognition value is particularly important. To ensure the recognisability of your corporate design, this logo and a recurring colour concept is used on business cards, appointment cards and other means of communication. At best, the logo and colour concept should also be used on the website and in the interior design of your practice. For example, there is nothing wrong with the practice clothing of your employees and the colours of the practice matching the design of your website. Professional photos of your staff and the practice will make you look more serious and likeable and can reduce anxiety among patients.
Dentists should always be up to date with the latest medical standards, which should also be reflected on the practice website. A modern, bright and pleasant design will convince patients faster. It is also very important that the website is optimized for mobile devices, as more than 50% of the website visitors do this via their smartphone or tablet.


At the same time, social media channels are a new way of attracting patients’ attention. They are offered free of charge and can be used for various purposes. Facebook and Instagram are the most used networks worldwide and today one of the most important means of communication. A study has shown that in Germany alone about 28 million people actively use Facebook. Almost 50% of them are older than 40 years. This therefore contradicts the assumption that social networks are mainly used by young people. Through regular contributions they build up a certain bond and familiarity with potential patients. Another significant advantage is that they can use the ad serving system to target advertising to specific audiences by age, gender, profession and interests. But always work with a clear concept before you post content and convince with first-class content!


But a website alone is not enough – the content must not be ignored. Good texts promise a higher Google Ranking! That’s why we recommend creating a blog on the website that provides your patients with relevant information. Especially in the field of oral health or dental hygiene there is a huge selection of topics to write about. The blog serves among other things your SEO visibility. Good blog articles are positively evaluated by Google and contribute to your Google ranking. But don’t forget that the texts have to be understood by patients and therefore should not be written too theoretically.


To get even more attention, it is recommended to register your practice in a rating portal and ask patients to give you a rating. This will give them the opportunity to attract the attention of potential new patients, who will at best decide to visit you.


A website with SEO optimized texts should always be professionally designed and not commissioned from an amateur. We at ADFREAK, with our extensive experience in the areas of search engine optimization, web development and web design, offer you the best prerequisite to create a successful website.


Practice Marketing Berlin

As the capital of Germany, Berlin is at the forefront of digitisation. Due to the high population density of the city, the competition between medical professionals is also growing. In order not to get lost in the broad mass of dentists in Berlin, you should follow the trend to stand as your own dentist brand. The higher the quality of a practice, the easier it is to attract new patients. With a professional website and a high-quality corporate identity you will increase your visibility on the net. This is especially important because most people use the net to find out about their future doctor. The majority of them enter very specifically into the search ad on Google what they are looking for. Therefore it is important to make sure that the content is search engine optimized to be found better.
In Berlin you can find a large number of companies that specialize in practice marketing. One of them is us: ADFREAK convinces with know-how in this field and can fulfill all your wishes. From an individual website, a logo with accompanying business cards to high quality photos of your practice staff, we are highly qualified in all areas.


Practice Marketing Munich

As already mentioned, practice marketing is a must in today’s society. Without a website and a good positioning on Google you will probably lose touch. In Munich the same problem applies as in Berlin. Big city, large population and too many medical practices. Especially if you have a practice in Munich, you have to grow with digitalization. Everybody is forced to go digital by now, so there is no way around having a website professionally created. If you start to advertise on social networks and exchange news, you will increase patient communication and at best the acquisition of new patients. We as a digital agency with our extensive experience in the field of IT, web design, search engine optimization and graphic design, provide you with a professional offer, according to your wishes.

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