Snaxcup CI & Commercial


Snaxcup CI & Commercial

Corporate Design

Corporate identity for famous soccer players

Snaxcup is a start-up that has made a name for itself in the food sector for cinemas and stadiums, among other things.
One of the three managing directors is Maximilian Beister, famous soccer player of the 1st Bundesliga. We created the Snaxcup Corporate Identity – business cards, website as well as numerous illustrations and photos. We also shot a commercial and made extravagant shots of the product in the studio.


Another project is already planned: A trick-shot video with Maximilian Beister as actor.
We are looking forward to it and will do everything for the satisfaction of our customers in this project as well.



With its ideal location in the border triangle where Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium meet, its medieval charm and cultural offerings, a city like Aachen can convince not only advertising agencies like Adfreak of its creative potential.


In order to give the numerous small and medium-sized companies in and around Aachen the attention they are looking for, we have specialised in all kinds of online marketing: from the creation of high-quality websites including comprehensive search engine optimisation, to the creation of a professional corporate design, to the shooting of your individual image film.

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