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Awards voice actors Hollywood – Top 25 distinctive voice actors like Bruce Willis

12. February 2020

Speaker is not equal to speaker, just as not every advertising is like the other. For a movie to be well received, everything must be right. A voice transports emotions and triggers them. Even if different people say exactly the same thing, it has a different effect on us, depending on the voice and emphasis.


Cost/price: Hollywood voice actors

It doesn’t always have to be a familiar voice, but if it fits, it’s certainly worth considering – how cool would it be if Samuel L. Jackson advertised his own company? We present here the most distinctive voices from Hollywood and the dubbing actors behind them. We also provide an impression of the costs for a fictitious spot.


A dubbing artist combines a great Hollywood actor with a German voice. brands benefit from well-known dubbing actors because the dubbing voice of a Hollywood star is perceived by the listener as the star himself. For example, we hire Sylvester Stallone – at a fraction of the price the original star would charge. And so the star becomes a bargain.


To sum up, we can say: A professional narrator is available for a film (1 – 3 minutes playing time), which is published on the web, from about 200.00 EUR. Depending on the speaker, additional costs for a recording studio may be added. There are also numerous well-known voices that can be found in the lower price segment – feel free to make a non-binding inquiry! Striking voices from Hollywood cost on average considerably more. A reasonable order of magnitude: ab 900,00 EUR you are in!



Philipp Moog

Dubbing actors for, among others, Orlando Bloom (Troy)



Tom Vogt

dubbing actors for Clive Owen (Inside Man), Laurence Fishburne (Matrix), Colin Firth (chocolate for breakfast)
Can be booked as the only speaker without agency!



Thomas Nero Wolff

Dubbing actors for a.o. Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing), Woody Harrelson (Zombieland)



Leon floor

dubbing actors for a.o. Jason Statham (Transporter), Denzel Washington (American Gangster)



Torsten Michaelis

Dubbing artist for Wesley Snipes (The Expendables) and others



Wolfgang Hess

Dubbing artist for Bud Spencer and others – deceased


Gerrit Schmidt Foß

Dubbing actors for Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic) and others



Wolfgang Völz

Dubbing actors for a.o. Captain Bluebear



Thomas Fritsch

voice actors for Jeremy Irons (The Lion King) and others



Detlef Bierstedt

Dubbing actor for George Clooney (Oceans) and others



Udo gift

voice actors for Ray Liotta (GoodFellas) and others



Frank Glaubrecht

Dubbing actors for Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) and others



Joachim Kerzel

voice actors for Dennis Hopper (Mad Dog) and others



Christian Brückner

Dubbing actors for Robert De Niro (The Godfather) and others



Manfred Lehmann

Dubbing actors for Bruce Willis (Die Hard)



Thomas Danneberg

dubbing actors for John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone and others



Helmet Krauss

Hermann Paschulke – Dandelion



Engelbert von Nordhausen

voice actors for Samuel L. Jackson and others



Klaus sunshine

Dubbing actors for, among others, Morgan Freeman (The Convicted)



Jürgen Kluckert

dubbing actors for Morgan Freeman, Benjamin Blümchen and others



Martin Kessler

Dubbing actors for Nicolas Cage and others



Tobias master

Dubbing actors for Brad Pitt and others


voice actors for Johnny Depp and others



Andreas Happy

Dubbing actors for a.o. Gollum (Lord of the Rings)



Tobias Kluckert

Dubbing actors for Bradley Cooper and others


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