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Free search engine entry – index pages immediately without registration

12. February 2020

Time and again we hear from new customers in our SEO agency that they have spent a small fortune on a search engine entry. In most cases, this is not even a service (if a service was provided at all) that would have given the customer an advantage or benefit. Here there are various companies that apparently make a living by either entering companies for a lot of money into an unknown search engine, which is represented as a non-plus-ultra by serious-looking letter post, or by robots into hundreds of websites – i.e. link catalogues and web directories. In most cases, the result is not only that you don’t gain any customers, but that you even damage the visibility of your website. We strongly advise against accepting such offers.


If you want to submit your website to one of the major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, you don’t really need to do much. As long as you have not technically locked out search engine crawlers, the search engines will find and submit your website on their own. If you are constantly working on your website and want content to be more quickly captured by the search providers, then you can trigger the indexing manually. No great expertise or money is required – this service is free of charge with reputable search engines. If this is too cumbersome for you, you can use a sitemap to make crawling your own website easier.



Search engine entry Google

As already mentioned, Google basically finds pretty much every website on the Internet independently. As long as Google and other search engines are not locked out by the robots.txt, the search engine entry is done by itself. If you regularly change articles, descriptions and texts or add new ones, it can sometimes be useful to speed up this process. If you have added your website to the Search Console, you can ask Google to index the new page or the changed content. But this entry does not guarantee that the pages will actually be taken over by Google.


You can find more helpful links on this topic here:


In addition to indexing pages and using the Search Console, there is the possibility to have your own company as a search engine entry at Google Business and to create a Google+ account.



search engine entry at Bing

Some webmasters also submit their websites to Bing. We as an agency don’t use this possibility, because according to the current state of Google just has such a large majority of search queries (Google: 95% state: 2017 source: statista) that the work seems to us to be greater than the benefit. But of course we would like to explain the procedure briefly here as well. With little effort you can register your website with Bing.


You don’t need a Bing account at Bing, but Bing also reserves the right not to register the site or subsites. Bing crawls the page and indexes it according to its own statement if it complies with the guidelines. If you want to use more functions at Bing, you can use the webmaster tools of Bing.



register website with Yahoo

We are also often asked whether the website should be registered with Yahoo. If you have already registered the website with Bing in the last step, this procedure is no longer necessary. Because Yahoo is also a service from Microsoft. To register with Yahoo you need to register with Bing.  More information about submitting the website to Yahoo can be found under the link.



Conclusion on search engine entry

The work for meaningful entries is relatively small and can also have a positive effect. The registration is always free of charge. It does not make any sense to use programs for the search engine entry, even if they are free. Dubious offerers, who would like to sell you for much money a service, which one does not need, should be avoided. If you are unsure or have questions, please leave a comment.


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