SEO or Adwords, what is worth more? What does the optimization cost?

12. February 2020

Is SEO better than Adwords?

The question whether SEO is the better strategy than Adwords for a web project can be answered with a clear no. If a website is only worthwhile through organic access, then in most cases it is not worth being operated.



SEO and Adwords result in an interaction

The best tactic is to bet on two horses. SEO is a sustainable and lengthy process that does not happen overnight. It takes time for a well thought-out search engine campaign to produce measurable success. Until the profit is there, you could get a huge advantage over your competitors with a well optimized Adwords campaign, who only rely on SEO.


And that is exactly the keyword. If you have a good product or interesting content, then you should definitely run advertising campaigns to promote your product. Here you should not advertise wildly under everything that is clicked, but evaluate daily where it is worthwhile to place the advertising.

With the right bid, the correct switching frequency and a good position in the ranking, you will make considerable profits even without search engine optimization – in other words, optimization is the key.



SEO Adwords the advantages and disadvantages


+ fast visibility
+ fast sales successes
+ Top positions among paid keywords
+ high visibility even with organically invisible keywords
+ ROI (Return On Investments) – fast return on investment
+ Find out which keyword is worthwhile to be search engine optimized
+ Determination of the perfect meta-description
+ low costs due to local or regional advertising
– there are costs with every click



+ free clicks
+ more click volume
+ Clicks on people with rejection for advertisements
– only visible after the advertising positions
– a long time before success
– a lot of work and costs for optimization without being paid for it


The Adword advertisement is colored differently than the organic SEO results – in a slight yellow tone. Depending on the placement, the first three results are usually on the left-hand side and all results on the right-hand side are paid advertisements of an AdWords campaign. Adwords can determine other switching modes for certain terms as more sensible and change the arrangement.


Everything else are organic hits. Here you can distinguish between different results like picture hits, news or other results but in any case the click on these search results does not cost the operator anything.



Adwords for fast success

As we can see, Adwords offers a lot of advantages and chances for success. Often there is a synergy effect between SEO and Adwords like something with the keyword research. With Adwords you can perfectly evaluate which keywords pay off for optimization and which meta description is clicked most often or leads to the target.


If you work with a small budget and don’t have much time, then it is probably the best way to start with a sophisticated Adwords campaign. This is the fastest way to get your invested money back and win new customers immediately. Another important reason for Adwords is the link share you get.


Think about it, even if you get a big click share through the SEO optimization, dozens of other ads and organic results remain, which the user can click on to not end up with you in the end. With an additional ad via Adwords you “steal” one more ad space from your competitor and thus increase the chances of success in attracting the customer.


If you have some resources of employees or capital available, you can start with the search engine optimization.


SEO a sustainable way of the diligent

According to a study, 80% of users click on organic results, i.e. you get a significantly higher click rate here.
In our experience, however, this is rather due to the fact that most adword campaigns are poorly targeted and the same ad is displayed for a mass of nonsensical keywords. In other words, the visitor has had the experience of not finding what he is looking for in the ad.


With a lot of diligence, creativity and a lot of patience it will work with the search engine and your SEO process. Often the expectation of clients who use SEO services is to get extremely rich overnight. What the one or other SEO agency also promises, is actually not achievable with fair means.


A healthy SEO curve that takes you to the top of the search results for a long time rises slowly and then gets steeper and steeper. An unhealthy campaign achieved with Black Hat SEO will skyrocket overnight and fall permanently as fast as it has come. If you receive a penalty from the search provider, i.e. they punish you for forbidden methods, your visibility will remain at zero for a long time or in the worst case even permanently.



How to use SEO and Adwords together?

Think of keywords that make sense for your business model and best of all suggest a consumer’s intention to buy and note them down. Don’t start with hundreds of words, but take your 10 best hobbyhorses and find possible synonyms.

If you are using a tool like Sistrix or if you are a customer of ours, you can analyse your competitors and see under which terms these advertisements are placed and under which keywords they can be found on which position in the search engine. This makes your work much easier.



How do I proceed with Adwords?

Now you can start in a tool like the Adwords Keywordplaner to find out how much search volume the individual terms promise and how high the competition and your competitors are to grab this position.


Before you start to optimize a keyword in organic search by onpage or offpage measures, you should definitely put it through its paces in Adwords. You create an advertisement for the keyword and test whether you actually sell enough under the keyword to justify long-term SEO measures.


It is best to set the search setting to [exactly matching], so that the results are not distorted or you evaluate the search queries afterwards and sort the requested terms alphabetically, but you pay much more for testing the keyword.


Define a time period for the keyword test for the advertising campaign with Adwords and evaluate the following factors afterwards:


  • impressions
  • click rate
  • costs
  • buying rate

Now you have black on white whether an SEO campaign will be worthwhile. We would be happy to advise you free of charge in an initial consultation on the subject of search engine optimization and go through the chances of success for SEO Adwords with you.


We are sure to optimize your SEO campaign as well as your Adwords measures attractively and lucratively for you. If you have any questions or criticism, we are always happy to receive a comment, so please feel free to use the buttons or the listener ?


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