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Landingpage Google Checklist – How should a landing page be structured?

13. February 2020

The necessity of a landing page is probably mainly due to the optimization of your internet presence for Google AdWords or Google’s organic search. But the goal should be the same:


  • better ranking in the search engine
  • positive user experiences
  • maximum conversion rate from your visitors


In order to bring new visitors and especially new customers to your website, you should consider some things when creating your website. You can use the following checklist as a guideline for creating sales pages.



Landingpage Checklist



Questions to which the visitor must find an answer in a few seconds:


Is the product / service interesting for me?

The page should only contain exactly what the customer expects


Is the seller trustworthy?

References? – Serious appearance? – No empty promises?]


Why should I act now?<

Call to Action? – Added value through registration / inquiry? – Unique selling proposition?


Visitors fly over a page from top left to bottom right. The above questions should be answered without scrolling and long searching. Registration/order/enquiry should also be possible without unnecessary obstacles.




The landing page should have the highest possible keyword density for use with AdWords as well as for search engine optimization without negatively influencing the content. Ideally, a page should contain an article with a suitable length. If necessary, different landing pages for new keywords must be created to meet the requirements:


  • Keyword in body text <body></body>
  • Keyword in title <title></title>
  • Keyword in heading <h1> – </h6>
  • Keyword bold font <b></b>
  • Keyword in Meta Tags
  • Keyword in the domain
  • Keyword in the URL
  • Keyword in image Name / alternative text




  • Integration of Facebook, Google+ & Twitter
  • No errors in CSS and HTML
  • Fast server + page with short loading time
  • if necessary use of Google services






Google Developers PageSpeed Insights – Comprehensive analysis to evaluate the performance and usability of your website from the perspective of Google


Google Webmastertools – Evaluation of your organic ranking


Google Keyword Planner – Analysis of search volume


Google Analytics – Observing streams of visitors


WordPress Plugin “SEO” by Yoast – Optimization of your pages, if you run your website with WordPress


WordPress Plugin “W3 Total Cache” – Optimizing the performance of your website


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