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Search engine comparison – which can do what?

12. February 2020

More than just Google

A search engine comparison brings some hidden pearls to light. search engine optimization for any search engine makes no sense, however. Therefore we show you the most common providers in Germany.



Growing criticism of the market leader

Especially, but not only in Germany, Google is the leading search engine. Other providers also deliver fast hits. But Google guarantees the user numerous extras. With only a few keystrokes it delivers the first results. The provider delights its customers with detailed maps, a multi-faceted mailbox, countless search refinements, etc.


Nevertheless, a search engine comparison is useful. This is not least due to growing criticism. Many complain about Google’s data collection mania and correspondingly filtered search results. Also advertising related inferior hits are often denounced.


When comparing search engines, of course, one should bear in mind Some competitors share certain negative characteristics of Google. Bing, for example, also collects search queries to create a user profile. Consequently, the searcher does not receive neutral results here either. It is therefore worth taking a closer look when searching for alternatives.



The most powerful competitors

Bing is Google’s biggest and still far behind competitor. If you think of a search engine comparison, Bing often comes to mind. On the one hand, this provider imitates the market leader. So there are also maps, pictures and videos to see. The latter refer to YouTube, which in turn belongs to Google.


On the other hand Bing tries to convince with own creations. Thus it shows even more supplementary search suggestions than Google. The Bing homepage is particularly appealing. But for the search it is insignificant.


The former market leader Yahoo is now mainly used as a mailbox. Yahoo boasts with its mobile search. Such queries take the location into account. Anyone looking for a washing machine with their mobile phone in a pedestrian zone will probably want to know the nearest electrical shop. If you type in the search term at home, you might want to know something about how to use it.


Yahoo is not the only provider for mobile search. This Yahoo service is therefore not suitable as a unique selling point in search engine comparisons.



Additional alternatives

The lesser known search engine DuckDuckGo promises not to collect any data. There are also sections for pictures and videos, but no maps.


IxQuick stores search queries, but only for a maximum of 48 hours. A disadvantage is the relative dependence of this search engine on results from other providers.


GoodSearch consistently uses Yahoo results. The special feature of GoodSearch is the social component. Half of its advertising revenue goes to charities. The user decides which these are. To do so, he only needs to log in with an account.


At Blekko, search queries can be categorized more precisely. In the best case, spam can be avoided or at least reduced. Blekko also takes into account hits for social networks. For example, it displays Facebook comments. Behind Blekko is the allied search engine Yandex from Russia.


There are also search engines that specialize in certain areas. Here are just two examples: Scirus delivers results on scientific and technical publications. On TinEye, the origin pages of images on the Internet can be determined.



Conclusion for the search engine comparison

There are definitely alternatives to Google. With its numerous extras, its market power is unbroken. Nothing should change that quickly.


But first, there are convincing (near) copies like Bing. Secondly, Google creates detailed personality profiles of its users. You should always bear this in mind when comparing search engines. Thirdly, there are a few providers who do not store their users’ data.


Other competitors delight users with certain extras specifically for the search. Furthermore, thematic or otherwise specialized search engines are available.


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