SEO Tools kostenlos und nützlich die besten im Vergleich

✍ SEO Tools free & useful the best in comparison

12. February 2020

SEO tools are known to be many and most of them cost a lot of money. After we looked at Backlink Checker last time and found out that there are many good tools available for free, we continue to look for great free tools today. In our panoramic view we look at features that a good SEO tool must have. If we have forgotten a tool, then leave us a comment. Because of the large number of tools we will not look at each one in detail, but test them separately.



SEO tools types

Since not every SEO tool has the same functions, but all contribute to the same topic of search engine optimization, we first quickly distinguish the functions that can help you in SEO.


Keyword research
Content check
technical analysis
Ranking control
Competitor check
Backlink check


Useful tool functions

Let us take a closer look at the individual topics.



Keyword search


Pertinent search terms

The keyword search is all about finding the keywords that match the page. It is of no use to optimize terms that do not match the search intention of the searcher. Even if, for some inexplicable reason, you manage to get into a good position, you will generate traffic in the best case, but certainly not conversions. In addition, Google or other search engines will quickly notice that your site is not interesting for the search term and will banish the site to the bottom.



Search volume and competition

In the next step you can see how much search volume a keyword has. The more searched, the higher is the possible number of customers or visitors. But this does not always mean that you have to optimize the keyword with the most requests. Because an essential part is to look how high the competition is to the keyword. What is the point of optimising a keyword that takes so long to reach the top that you would probably have already brought 10 terms with a third of the search volume to the top in that time?



Keyword combinations

It makes sense, if you have found a search term, to optimize it in a word combination with other words, which are also searched for a lot. Therefore it is interesting to find out thematically matching search terms, synonyms and also combinations in which the main keyword is included.



Local alignment

It can also be important to know where the number of searches originates. For a German online shop that only ships products to Germany, it makes no sense to optimize terms that are searched for a lot in England. Or even smaller thought, someone who has a hairdresser’s shop in a certain city does not necessarily have to appear in the top 10 for a term in the whole of Germany. You can read more about this topic under local search engine optimization.



Content check


Double content

To check for duplicate content and make your site unique by adding as much unique content as possible, checking by hand is very tedious – especially if you have a lot of pages. In doing so, you differentiate between duplicate content internally and externally, i.e. on other pages. Checking is particularly difficult and there are few reliable tools for this.




How good the SEO value of a text is – i.e. keyword density and structure – and how good the readability is, can easily be checked with a tool. If you want to know how fun or pleasant a text is to read for other people, you should have friends and relatives test read it.



Technical Analysis

In a technical analysis you can check a lot. If we check a web shop in the agency for errors and need for optimisation, the subsequent report can be a good 50 pages long. Especially technically poorly structured pages are often prevented from ranking despite good content. We have also compiled the most common SEO errors in a separate blog post. No matter if a page that appears in the sitemap is not there, crawling is not allowed or content is doubly accessible, a good tool will find out.



Ranking control

In order not to do SEO with a crystal ball, it is extremely important to keep an eye on your own and other people’s rankings. Here you can see where you are and where your competitors rank. You can also deduce from this, which chances you have to climb up to a keyword even further. Search terms that appear on page two often do not need much optimization to get them to page one.



Check competitors

What the competitors are doing and how their visibility develops is enormously interesting to get an impression of who is really in competition with you. But you can also use visibility as a good guide to see what potential a particular theme has and how much air there is to breathe.



Backlink check

Checking your own backlinks helps you to see how many there are and how valuable they are. But also to find suitable link partners of other websites. Backlinks still have a great effect on the visibility of your own site.



SEO Tools free of charge at a glance

Enough talk, we start with SEO tools that are free. We found the following sites:


Bing Webmaster Tools
Chrome Devtools
Content Look
Global Market Finder
Google Analytics
Google Data Studio
Google Keyword-Planner
Google Pagespeed Insights
Google Rank Checker
Google Ranking Check
Google Search Console
Google Similar Pages
Google Test Auf Optimierung Für Mobilgeräte
Google Update Analyse
Http/2 Test
Instant Eyetracking
Json-Ld Schema Generator
Majestic Site Explorer
Moz Open Site Explorer
Oneproseo Onpage Sitecheck
Onpage Analyse Tool
Openlinkprofiler Backlink Analyse
Panguin Seo Tool
Pingdom Tools
Ranking Spy
Rich Snippet Testing Tool
Ryte Free
Screaming Frog Seo Spider
Seokicks Backlink Checker
Serp Checker
Sitemap Generator
SSL Checker
SSL Server Test
Think With Google – Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool
W3c Css Validation Service
Wdf*Idf Tool
Webmeup Link Profiler
Webpagetest Performance Analyse
Xenu’s Link Sleuth
Xovi Domainvalue
Yoast Seo


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