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12. February 2020

In the field of SEO tools there are a lot of choices to optimize your website for you. How are you going to make a decision? You are only a small light in the vastness of the internet so far and want to become a big light? Let us not fool ourselves: Only with a good Google ranking you have a really good chance here. Attention on the net is more important today than ever and often pays off directly for your company. The higher the number of visitors to your website, the better your chances of increasing sales. Even if you don’t own a company, you can still place lucrative advertisements on your much-read SEO-Blog and thus earn money. And of course the SEO tools used play an important role in the optimization. Therefore, our article introduces you to three free SEO tools so that you can find just the right thing to optimize your website.



In the jungle of SEO tools

Whether you are a search engine optimization professional, trainee or blogger – the ingredients for your recipe for success are not only literary skills, but above all the right analysis tools. Their skillful selection can be a challenge because of their incredible wealth. So the question is: Which tools do I need and for what? But above all: Which provider is the best for me? With the following articles we will guide you like Tarzan safely through the tool jungle.


Off to the thicket!

In general, we recommend that you try out the search engines for an optimal rating. There is no SEO area THE perfect tool par excellence. Surely there are completely free open source versions, which even the professional can use. But at the beginning of this series we are looking for the main program for the OnPage area. The key element is “keyword monitoring”, i.e. the analysis of individual search words, which are the key to success when finding them on the worldwide web. This is where the amateur chaff is separated from the SEO expert, the wheat of the scene, already in the first instance. At this point, please ask yourself the question: Do you want to be among the best or is mediocre optimization enough? To play among the top players, you have to invest money as well as your time. Worthwhile keywords (i.e. a lot of words used by consumers, little used on the net so far) are essential for the best possible ranking result. Every SEO tool works with its own database of keywords. If the database is large enough, you will naturally be much more likely to find words that the competition does not have on screen. Tip: As a beginner, a free version is sufficient to get an idea of the subject matter. Afterwards, you can still swing on the commercial liana for a test before you make your final decision.



Walk through the word forest with free SEO tools

It is impossible to put all tools through their paces for free, given their wealth. But it is not for nothing that a few providers have established themselves over the past few years. Each has its own advantages, while the competition scores in completely different areas. So here is a comparison of the best SEO tools for analyzing keywords for the narrow purse. We focus here on the OnPage tools: SEO Spider comes from the English company “The Screaming Frog”. This tool is a real SEO-allrounder and gets directly to your computer via the English Channel. Due to its huge repertoire, the Spider also offers the user many functions that go beyond the pure OnPage section. In our test this bonus is his undoing, because between the many windows and menus the beginner quickly loses the overview. Therefore it is rather a tool for advanced users. For more information about the tool, you can take a closer look at the website With the On-Page Optimization Tool, the programmers of the “Internet Marketing Ninjas” show off. What the Spider still has too much, the Ninja lacks. It can only be used for optimization in the OnPage sector. Its simple user interface looks dull and makes working with it monotonous so quickly. For the beginner definitely an uncomplicated introduction, but nothing more. Here, too, a visit to the provider site is recommended for further information. Even if Abakus is a competitor, you can admit here: Abakus offers, besides the traditional agency offers, further resources. For the beginner as well as for the advanced it is worthwhile to have a look at the website of Abakus Internet Marketing. Besides the tool, Abakus stands out with a large database for keywords. At the same time, the website invites with its online forum to professional discussions.


The test winner Sistrix (jungle king):

In the field of OnPage SEO tools in the professional segment, Sistrix is not without reason one of the market leaders. From the SEO beginner to the expert, everyone quickly becomes familiar with the interface of the program. The version Sistrix smart is the free counterpart, so to speak the little brother for the first acquaintance. The program appears open and clear to the user, but never leaves a monotonous impression thanks to its extensive functions and skilful design.



The untangling of the tool jungle

The range of SEO tools is felt to be infinite. The free OnPage sector is teeming with websites and companies that offer their own product alongside their paid services. It is of course recommended that every user try them out sooner or later. With Sistrix smart users have a taster course of the top class at their disposal. As so often it shows: Behind the company is capital and therefore professionalism. You can get Sistrix directly on the company’s own website. As a Sistrix-licensed SEO-agency you can get Sistrix here from us with a worthwhile price reduction or you can visit the Sistrix website directly.


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