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Upload pictures for free – Overview photo upload alternatives

6. February 2020

You would like to upload pictures quickly and easily for free? Be it snapshots of the last New Year’s Eve celebration with your family or for the Internet forum: With all these possibilities, storage capacity plays the central role – of course, without any additional costs. The variety of providers is enormous. Moreover, new uploaders are constantly sprouting on the nutritious soil of the ignorant user. We would like to counteract this.


Free of charge and a large storage capacity are much promised skills. Is it also available in a user-friendly way, i.e. without advertising? Is my data safe and can the snapshots be deleted later? In this article you will benefit from our experience. Here we put the best providers for you for every purpose in’s Light >/a>. So: Spot on!



Generously divided – pictures on social networks

Uploading should be simple. Social networks now offer a very user-friendly upload for everyone. That is, if you are registered there. Facebook and Google+ are probably the most established. External links from image hosters are also possible here, but not very recommendable. Especially when it comes to profile pictures, the effort to insert the pictures extra elsewhere is no longer justified.


Central questions here, however, are: How valuable are the rights to my picture? Do I really want to share my pictures with the whole world? As a hobby photographer you are sometimes proud of small masterpieces that you have captured through the lens at the right moment. Whether or not you have ceded the rights to them on Facebook is still a grey area today. So there is the copyright, which means that your pictures theoretically still belong to you. However, to what extent this applies in an international context is always to be decided in each individual case.
Our recommendation is therefore: Do not post any pictures on Facebook that have an artistic value for you. With your own blog, however, you are definitely on the safe side.



Your pictures in safe hands

One thing at this point: Among the normal image hosters there are also black sheep, but most of them (and all those recommended here) handle your data with confidence. For this they are financed by advertising. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the legendary woolly milk pig among uploaders on the net. As soon as a service becomes known, it needs income to finance the costs for the server (storage location of your data). But you can take a few advertising banners, which can be clicked away quickly. The only logical alternative is to trade your data or even your images – by far the worse deal.


Size is not everything

In recent years, the storage capacity of the average domestic hard disk has grown enormously. This is very practical, as cameras are also producing images of ever higher quality, which are becoming ever larger. Online storage, on the other hand, is still a rare commodity when it comes to using it free of charge. Accordingly, the upload sizes of images are usually limited. The only exception is providers whose storage time will expire at some point. For a permanent durability on the net, your pictures must not exceed a certain size. But rest assured, because there is no need to compress them. As a rule, the image is downloaded directly online.


For holiday pictures, snapshots of family celebrations or small graphics for online forums it is obvious that you want to keep them permanently. Here you do not need particularly large formats. The high-resolution format of a reflex camera with all its details can only be obtained temporarily by almost all uploaders. On an external hard disk you are better off in the long run.



Great variety in supported format

Depending on their source, images have many different formats in which they can be viewed on computers, mobile phones & co. are available. The most common extensions are jp(e)g, .bmp, .gif and .png. We do not support hosters who do not support these formats. They are simply impracticable, because it takes a lot of time to edit the images before.
The more special the format, the smaller the number of hosters that support your service.
Depending on the intended use, there are difficult differences after processing. Nowadays almost every hoster spits out at least links for normal HTML, for blog entries and in BB-code for internet forums. This is completely sufficient for the normal user.



Hoster under the magnifying glass: Details make the difference

Let’s take a closer look at renowned providers. This way you can find out which upload service is right for you and upload your pictures for free. offers a pleasant and friendly user interface. The company is financed by its premium users, so advertising is a foreign word for the provider. The unregistered user already has access to the multi-upload of up to 20 images at the same time. Storage time: Permanent and this with the most common formats at a size of a stately 50 mb / picture. In addition, a delete link is immediately provided.


More annoyingly it becomes for the user on the side of, caused by the advertisement. In comparison, the site does not do well for us: You can only upload pictures in a few file formats and there is still no delete link. The site saves itself with the downloadable upload tool and the possibility to share the picture directly with friends. This is also what the site was originally designed for. Otherwise, a maximum of 4 mb per picture is comparatively tiny for the unregistered surfer.


The big advantage, to give the picture the right size right before the upload, comes along with Stupid only that a picture may not be larger than 5 mb. Furthermore your picture will be deleted 100 days after the last access. There is no deletion link. Common file formats are supported and advertising is only discreetly switched. Unfortunately the surface of the page is boring.



It depends on the image size

Large images are necessarily accompanied by registration. The best service is offered here Google Photos. We probably don’t need to provide anybody with details about the basal ingenious design. Apart from the fact that all formats are supported, Google even scores with data protection as an exception. Every image can be deleted again, if it does not stay in your memory indefinitely. With the “high quality” option, you can expect unlimited storage space, equivalent to the sharp resolution of the best digital cameras. “Original size” is the counterpart where the maximum available memory of your Google Account is the end of the line. It doesn’t matter how large a single image is.


Now you’re spoilt for choice. Of course, you are free to try out other providers. Competition is fierce, so many no-name services come and go. Furthermore, the providers want to keep up with technical innovations, which will tend to increase the upload size per image in the future. After all, only professionals currently require an account, some of which is subject to a fee. Every normal internet user can upload images for free.


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