Web design costs: Why web design today no longer needs to be expensive

13. February 2020

The typical web designer plans, designs and programs a website line by line by himself. It is obvious that this involves a high but also justified effort. But how is the result to be evaluated?


The website will be individual. If a good designer was at work, it will probably “look good”. But: A new development is almost always subject to errors that can only be eliminated with continuous development. If everything works, you have a good solution at a proud price.


But for most companies it would be much smarter to invest your budget not in programming hours and design, but in planning and content.


How is that possible? Very simple: For little money you buy ready-made web design templates that are completely programmed and only need to be filled with your content. The templates (also called themes or templates) are very mature and available in contemporary designs. By manual adjustments they can be individualized very well.


Depending on your internet affinity and time available, you could probably even create your own website.


We have specialized in the individualization of websites based on WordPress templates – we would be happy to advise you free of charge.


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