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21. January 2020

In the wake of ads and purchased Facebook Likes

Buying Likes is an essential part and starting factor of social online marketing. Online marketing is a comparatively young branch of sales, but it is hard to imagine life without it. To reach every potential customer is the ambitious goal, which we try to approach as an ideal. Especially on Facebook, your reach is enormous, as 1.7 billion active online socialists romp around here worldwide. But: How do I stand out from the flood of Facebook pages? Is it worth buying Likes, is it even legal or should I trust the Ads Manager? Which is the right strategy for me, my company, in the field of social marketing? Let’s dive into the maelstrom of advertising and Likes.



Good reasons for marketing in the social network

An own Facebook fan page is not least for a technical affine company a figurehead on the web, but obligatory as a representation in modern marketing… and there is a lot to market… the football star hypes his own person, just like products should be sold. Stars, too, have discovered the internet’s spotlight beyond YouTube for tens of years.



Facebook marketing is power

Yes, if you want to use your Facebook fan page commercially, you will quickly come to the decision to promote your own website in a sensible way. The yardstick for this is the number of “likes” of the page and also “shares” of specific content that everyone is talking about. Mass here apparently stands for quality. The greater your popularity to the outside world, the more likely you are to capture the attention of your users for specific content. Ideally, a pyramid scheme is set in motion and the hype brings free promo, positive customer response to a product and your turnover rises through the roof. This is the dream that reality often thwarts: On average, a user liked 28 Facebook pages. So why should yours of all people belong to this chosen circle?



The Facebook Ads Manager: Advertising generates advertising

An insanely useful tool to crown your social media strategy with success is, besides buying Likes, the Ads Manager from Facebook. With it you can place ads for your company on Facebook: Facebook Ads. Put simply, it’s a Facebook page that is only visible to you. As a business owner you can manage several pages here and on top of that it functions as a multi-account. This means that every user with correspondingly assigned rights has access to the respective subpage. Of course, there is a charge for advertisements here, but it is worth it for the reach in the social network, which allows you to acquire many Facebook fans.



The Ads Manager is hardly suitable for everyone

As nice as it may sound at first: the whole thing does have a rake. For the beginner the tool is probably nothing because of its complexity. There are several advertising agencies (like us) for the support, but there are separate costs for this. An extra Facebook Ads Guide will help. Larded with countless instructions, please take your time for this. Important: The setup of your page is only possible once. We therefore strongly recommend that you first deal with the topic in detail. Since Facebook is also constantly working on the tool for the clever placement of ads, the tool is subject to constant changes. We will deal with this in more detail in another article in due course.


Buy Facebook Likes as an alternative?

Isn’t it cheating or rather totally legal if you get your Facebook business off to a good start by simply buying Likes? Apparently it is already common practice to buy followers. The costs are relatively low: For 1000 Likes you can buy them for only 15,00 € or partly even cheaper. One of unspeakably many sellers is here: Social-Fanclick Moral standards to set, is one point of view. But seriously, what role does it play whether you buy your fans directly or through an advertisement? That way you only shorten the path.



The legal shadow empire when buying Facebook Likes

A bold thesis. Generally speaking, buying Likes is entirely within the law. As Mrs. Merkel said so beautifully: “This is Internet is uncharted territory for all of us” and meant the legal situation in this regard, less the organic butcher. First of all, the Facebook guidelines apply and according to them you are allowed to generate your Likes, no matter how.



General legal issues very concrete

Basically, § 5 of the law against unfair competition also applies online. It states that every business act should be true and clear. In short, this means for you: A deception is present as soon as misconceptions about the “qualification”, “status” or “relationship” of the company arise. You can also put your competitors in the attention shadow of your online industry by artificial fans for your company and thus harm them. Even the soccer player has to be careful with his Facebook fan page when buying Likes: Imagine he gets a well-paid advertising contract only because he apparently has many more fans. Of course this is illegal. Decisions are always made on a case-by-case basis. But common sense also urges caution. If your existing customers notice that your Likes suddenly shoot up enormously, you are right to be sceptical. What does such a manipulative approach say about your company?



Become inconspicuously conspicuous – possibilities to buy Likes

Certainly this question is purely rhetorical. But if there were no meaningful solution, hardly anyone would use the offer for their Facebook marketing. Purchased Likes can also be credited at regular intervals, for example via fanslave. It’s also much less noticeable as soon as you dig a little deeper into your pocket. With a little more financial effort, you can also determine the country where your purchased Likes come from.



What now: Buying Likes or advertising?

Now we have looked at both options. Your own online reach is definitely the key to keeping you in the conversation. Only after 1000 Likes and more, real discussions and shares are created for contributions on a Facebook page (according to the “Quintly” social media analytics tool). It is impossible for us to make a recommendation for your Facebook Fanpage in a legal way. However, it is logical that Facebook Ads including the corresponding manager for the newly founded startup are less worthwhile. Working time for the familiarization with the tool and additionally the costs for Facebook are nothing for a small advertising budget. Probably reasonable here is the purchased Kickstart for at least the first 1000 fans. No matter which social media strategy you decide on: Facebook Marketing will continue to play a decisive role in the future.


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