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6. February 2020

Buy left for better visibility on the web


Valuable links are important

Buying links can significantly enhance your Internet presence. If you want to be successful with your business, you need a good presence on the net. This does not mean websites flashing in all colours. An appealing presence arouses the curiosity of potential customers, not least with good content. To achieve this, the page must first be found on the net. The leading search engine is still Google. If Google does not list as high up as possible in the search results, it is difficult.


There are some criteria for search placement. One criterion is content. This refers to page content that offers the reader useful and new information. The information must also have a certain distribution. Otherwise they will not be consulted and will hardly be considered by Google.


Another criterion is the use of links. These are cross-references to or from pages relevant to the topic. Google prefers references to useful factual texts. Those who merely link to advertising are not helping themselves. Especially helpful are links from good internet pages to your own page, i.e. valuable backlinks. Links from outside are of course not automatic. Therefore links can be bought.



Paid from the outside

Links as reference value

Many entrepreneurs or shop owners are not Internet experts. They have other things to do. That’s why they often hire SEO agencies to create prominently placed sites. SEO stands for search engine optimization. That is a wide field. Consequently, individual SEO measures can also be acquired. Such as texts with links from already existing, valuable content to your own site.


Think for example of good non-fiction book on any topic. You would probably not buy it if it did not mention standard works relevant to the topic. And if your own book is cited by a standard work, it promises attention. It’s hardly any different on the net. Here, too, there are central references to certain topics. On the Internet, these are well-placed pages. If one of them links to your own website, your page will gain in importance.


There are probably two important differences. Non-fiction books do not only name other books they agree with. On the other hand, a link usually signals appreciation. Otherwise no link would be set. Also, when you click on a link, you land on the relevant page. In books you only learn how to get to the listed publications. What they are called etc.


Class instead of mass

SEO agencies know what content and what kind of links Google rewards. Now, one could assume that these are Internet sites to which as much as possible is redirected. But this criterion of the so-called “link popularity” is not enough


Because pages can also be linked for purely promotional purposes. Or the links may be from pages badly placed on Google & Co. This can speak for a lack of quality of the linked site – but it does not have to be. An internet presence that is frequently linked to does not necessarily have a substantial content.


Google recognises whether the number of references in a certain period of time actually indicates appreciation. Because too many links in too little time arouse mistrust. The construction of links must therefore not be done according to the watering can principle. What is needed is a balance of substantial references and a coherent number of links.



Buy links and rent links

There are two models to purchase a backlink. Link purchase and link rental. The buyer pays for the fact that a page appreciated by Google links to his own website. The payment is made only once when buying a link. That is why this procedure is a bit more expensive than renting a link. Furthermore, a link can quickly lose relevance, go out of fashion, so to speak.


In contrast, with the renting you can always acquire new links. Here you only pay for the link as long as it exists. Or how long it is used. However, you have to pay attention to the period of notice before you end the lease. With link rentals, payment is made monthly or annually.


On digital link marketplaces interested parties and providers of backlinks meet. Both individual links and automated backlinks can be purchased. The former are always chosen by the interested party. But they are often a little more expensive than automated links. With them, the seller decides on the concrete link. An advantage here is that the reader does not always see the same link.


So there are several options for buying or renting links. Each has its advantages and weaknesses.



What Google thinks about buying links

Search engines do not exactly appreciate purchased or rented links. After all, this is ultimately a manipulative procedure in favour of a website. Google & Co. want to punish acquired links more severely. This is done by a worse ranking or even by banning them from the search results.


Nevertheless, there are some tricks to prevent this. For example by acquiring qualitative and thematically related links. Of course, this is the kind of link you usually want to buy or rent anyway. On the other hand, thematically related links are not always recommended. Namely not if you want to address as many different interested parties as possible.


A good SEO agency will also help you with such questions. Because the world of the internet is fast moving. Quickly new trends and algorithms can be used, according to which Google rates. The topic of buying links offers chances and certain risks. Of course, this applies everywhere in life.


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