Interview mit Crispy Rob

CrispyRob about the secrets of successful Youtube marketing – Interview

12. February 2020

How you can benefit from the influence of well-known YouTube marketing

After we already pointed out the advantages of modern influencer marketing in the last article of our blog series, we would now like to refer you to our exclusive interview with the German Youtuber CrispyRob.


Youtubers are probably the best known form of modern influencers. Even though not everyone is familiar with names like PewDiePie, Julien Bam, Gronkh or Smosh, all of the mentioned Youtubers have several million loyal subscribers and up to 10 million views for their videos – in comparison: Tatort, currently Germany’s most popular show, has an average of almost 9 million viewers; other successful formats like The Big Bang Theory have only 1.5-2.5 million. Even though these figures are difficult to compare, they clearly show the relevance of well-known youtubers today.


Advertising cooperations with YouTube stars not only achieve a high reach at a comparatively low cost. They also reach young people who have a high affinity for advertising and people who trust the advertising judgements of the YouTube star. The relationship of trust in turn leads to users perceiving your advertising offer much more positively than on other platforms.

But what really counts is best revealed to us by a person who really knows about it:



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