Wie programmieren lernen und welche sprache?

Learning programming – which language, what to look for and how to start?

6. February 2020

Learning programming made easy

While in the past probably few people were interested in learning programming and needed thick horn-rimmed glasses and braces for interest, today even the last anti-nerd should have realized that programming is the future.


You want to learn programming but don’t know where to start? No problem, we will enlighten you and help you out with digital horn-rimmed glasses and digital braces. So now sit back, relax and learn programming – bring a little time with you.



An overview of programming languages

Before you start learning programming, you should realize that there are an incredible number of programming languages and each one has its own specialty. For example, there are programming languages that are intended for programming robots, but are not at all suitable for a app on the Internet. So we start sorting the languages by usage and look at them by frequency of use.


Februar 2016Februar 2015ProgrammierspracheAnteil in %Veränderung in %
79Visual Basic.NET2,4540,43
1011Delphi / Object Pascal2,1630,59
1210Visual Basic1,8550,14

If we look at the ranking of programming languages, we get a good feeling for which languages are frequently programmed. Here, however, one has no idea which programming language will be used. Even if you are a multi-talented programmer, you will have to start with one language for better or worse.

JavaApps, Software
PHPalles rund ums Internet – Shops, Webseiten, Anwendungen
PythonApps, Software, KI, und fast alles andere
C#Objektorientiert, Allzweck
C++Systemprogrammierung, Anwendungsprogrammierung, maschinennahe
CSystemprogrammierung, Anwendungsprogrammierung
JavaScriptSkriptsprache für Browserdarstellung
Objective-CObjektorientiert, Erweiterung für C
PerlVerarbeitung Textdateien, Systemadministration, Webanwendungen

The list of programming languages is incredibly long, so here we take a closer look at the most common ones. You can find a complete list of all programming languages at Wikipedia.



Most common reasons for learning programming

Here we present the most common reasons for learning programming. Surely there are other good reasons but the statements mentioned are heard again and again.


  • Creating a mobile app
  • Video game creation
  • Building a website
  • desire for wealth
  • an apparently unbelievably brilliant idea of function and flash of inspiration
  • Building robots that rule the world

But don’t worry, if your reason is not there, you don’t have to worry now. Let’s move on to the next step and see how you actually learn.


Learn how to program

After we have finished the question – which language it will be – we come to the next point. Anyone who starts learning programming will soon notice that the range of teaching material is overwhelming. Here every second page advertises free services and instructions. You will sweat your way through programming forums, thick stacks of books and endless amounts of dry code until you realize that it might be easier.


Of course, everyone has their own way of learning, and some people find the book better than interactive learning materials. Besides countless YouTube videos, which are sometimes better and sometimes worse, there are some really good providers of learning material that leads you to success in a goal-oriented way and is not even boring. Ask yourself before you start if you like to learn alone or in a group? Do you need a teacher or do you study in a quiet room? A good way to get in between is video training.


Most newcomers to programming want to build a website or mobile app, or a program that does a certain task on the website. For such websites you should start with HTML (this is not really a programming language, it is just written), followed by CSS (to build a decent design) and last but not least PHP (to learn programming and enable certain functions).


Known and certainly good places to learn programming are the following providers:



Video2Brain the video teacher

Our favourite among the training providers is Video2Brain:


Video2Brain offers thousands of video tutorials in the area “Learn programming” which are explained in a simple and understandable way depending on the level of difficulty. The trainers are trained professionals who use practical examples to implement the code. The nice thing about Video2Brain is that you can also access all other videos outside of programming, such as the design tutorials.

Video2Brain asserts itself with an enormously extensive video database, no matter if you want to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby or Java, here you are guaranteed to find the right teaching material with exciting videos. At Video2Brain, the entire creative industry gets its money’s worth, no matter if you are a graphic designer or web developer.

Since the individual trainings are extremely cost-intensive, a subscription is recommended, which gives you access to all videos. This is guaranteed to be worth it!



The programs to write the code

Writing code sounds dangerous at first, but it is actually quite harmless. Most common programming languages have dozens of editors where you can write code. But they are not all the same. For example, there are HTML editors that not only suggest the code but also complete it and show you errors through graphical hints. As a beginner you have to find an editor that is clearly arranged and provides you with the best possible help.


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