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13. February 2020

Why is the creation of landing pages for your Google / AdWords advertising important?


Landing pages are designed to present the visitor with a simple website that is tailored exactly to his expectations after he has visited an AdWords ad or an organic search result. They therefore represent pages that are optimized for only one or a few keywords in order to be classified as relevant by search engines like Google.


By using landing pages correctly, the searcher, e.g. when searching for a product, does not get to the manufacturer’s homepage, but directly to the product page that represents the landing page. Here the potential customer can satisfy his interest in the product without detours and obtain the “best possible search experience” from the search engine’s point of view.


Landing pages are therefore the right choice if new customers are to be acquired via Google. When creating landing pages, in addition to the structure, care must also be taken to ensure that the pages are not too similar, otherwise it can happen that the web pages are downgraded or even completely removed from the index. The pages should therefore be created smartly and individually. If they are only intended to optimize your AdWords campaign, it would be advisable not to index all country pages.


The second part of this article explains the technical implementation and the resulting positive effects on your AdWords campaign and natural Google search.



How to optimize your website / landing page for Google advertising

Before creating a landing page, you should be completely clear what you want to achieve with it. You want to get your potential customer, for whom you have already paid money by clicking on your AdWords ad, to buy, register or make a request.


If you would like to attract customers via AdWords advertising, the following system could prove itself for you:


For each ad group (with significant sales) in your campaign, create a separate country page. For each of these country pages there are now some keywords for which it should be optimized (keywords with significant click numbers). The ads of the ad groups are now linked to the respective country page. The potential customers no longer “land” on your start page, but on a page that matches their original search very closely.
If you do not use AdWords ads, but still want to improve your position in Google search:


Use Google’s Keyword Planner and/or set up Google Webmaster Tools to find relevant search terms for you.


Before we get down to the technical structure, I would like to give some tips on the structure. Your landing page should contain a concrete call to action. Invite visitors to register or ask for advice. They should also provide a reason for this (e.g. a real added value for the customer – brochure, free information / advice).



Landingpage creation guide & technical structure


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