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WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster the professional solution?

12. February 2020

Why are WordPress Themes from Template Monster a great solution? Are you tired of cutting out amateurish WordPress themes? Can’t you keep track of new trends in Webdesign and development? Then wouldn’t it be a good idea to stop worrying and use professionally created premium themes from TemplateMonster?


Yes, you are a real, albeit a budding, webmaster and you have certainly learned the features of a free WordPress theme in every detail. You know what you can tinker with without affecting the functionality or what to do to make the reference to WordPress disappear in the footer. Well done!


But web development knows no standstill. If WordPress used to be a typical CMS for bloggers and all kinds of portfolios, forums or online shops were created by crazy geeks, everything has changed radically now. At the moment nobody is impressed by a pimped news portal based on WordPress. Today it’s not enough to simply download a premium theme developed overseas for umme, hack it ripsraps and try to adapt to your own needs. In the process, people usually pray that the layout will not slip. And that usually happens. This is a common problem with supposedly serious projects, among others. Man, it’s high time to break up with freebies! If you’re not a Webguru, you’re not familiar with the latest tools of a web developer and you’re irritated by words like JavaScript, jQuery, SASS, LESS, Git, Angular etc., that’s all the more reason to do so.



Who is behind TemplateMonster?

TemplateMonster is a company that has been developing high-quality themes for the most popular CMS and e-commerce systems since 2002. During this time, it has grown in popularity with nearly 2 million users worldwide. Without boasting – that’s an impressive number, isn’t it? Today the company offers over 26 000 templates. Every month this collection is supplemented with 450-500 new templates of various themes. Experts of TemplateMonster always succeed in creating best WordPress Themes, which are represented in the following categories:


  • Webdesign & Development
  • online shops
  • responsive design
  • Facebook templates
  • Video content
  • Experimental Design & Technologies




The most popular template types of TemplateMonster include:

  • WordPress Themes
  • HTML Templates
  • Moto CMS templates
  • OpenCart templates
  • PrestaShop templates

The choice is obviously rich. But first and foremost, WordPress themes are important to us. So, the themes of the hammer?


    1. They’re responsive. What do I mean by that? It’s like the Captain apparently showed up himself and announced that from now on you can press on the cell phone display with one finger. Although this approach to web development has been known for a long time, it has not been used by many websites so far. You certainly need it! Do you?
    2. WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster are quite affordable. The average price is about 70 Euro. For that you have an already finished website!
    3. Technical support is always there for you, if you have problems with the installation or setting of a theme.
    4. Cross-Browser. It’s a plague that is undoubtedly known to every website operator. All sorts of problems with the layout display depend on the number of browsers and their versions. This is especially the case if you try to do everything yourself and don’t do it very cleverly. It would be better to leave that to professionals and save yourself the trouble.
    5. Technical documentation. If you love to get to grips with the code and go into detail about the theme, take this opportunity! When you buy a theme, you will receive a complete and detailed documentation.
    6. Powerful Cherry Framework allows you to use advanced functionality and options of Bootstrap. If this information proves meaningless to you, this point should be ignored.
    7. Design of a website. More than 100 adjustable options allow for unique design, while this theme can be purchased by other users. If ten photographers were to shoot the landscape from one place and at the same time, each of them would get their own unique result.



The most popular WordPress themes from TemplateMonster:

  • Business & Services
  • Society People
  • Travel
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Sports
  • Fashion accessories
  • Home and family
  • Cars


TemplateMonster is not limited to sales of finished web templates. If you need help with the installation of a theme or plugin, it would be possible to get these services for a small extra charge. In addition, all interested parties are offered hosting. For only about 40 Euro you get the premium hosting, with unlimited storage space and support around the clock.


Are you ready for a cool theme? Are you tired of bothering with flaws of a homemade or free theme? Then let TemplateMonster create a functional but also good looking WordPress blog for you. May the Force be with you!


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