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You have to keep this in mind to advertise successfully with Google AdWords.

12. February 2020

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In today’s article we will focus on the question of how you can successfully attract customers with AdWords.


Even today companies can successfully advertise with AdWords. Our blog article tells you what you need to consider.



How to make your Google AdWords campaigns a success

In our last article, we already explained why Google AdWords still has enormous potential for your business despite the ongoing skepticism about the current value of AdWords ads. However, the question remains open as to how you can achieve the best performance for your initiated advertising campaign.


Google AdWords campaigns are often taken lightly. The simplicity and speed with which AdWords ads can be created tempts people to start a campaign and hope for initial success without extensive knowledge and analysis.


The central error that occurs in most cases and is at least partly responsible for the negative image of Google AdWords is the poor execution of the campaigns and the resulting moderate results. However, it should hardly come as a surprise that an ad that has just been placed with a fixed budget and conditions cannot work “by feel” and produces poor results in terms of advertising costs per new customer. In order to advertise successfully with AdWords, it is rather unavoidable to actively measure the achieved results continuously and to optimize the campaign strategy accordingly. The reason for the moderate success of Google AdWords is therefore most likely not its insufficient functionality, but rather the lack of care with which Google AdWords campaigns are initiated and maintained.


So what must be considered so that you can start a promising campaign in which you generate the most clicks in a targeted manner and at the lowest price and then convert them into paying customers? In order to achieve this, a strategy is inevitable that is best suited to your offer and your target group.


It is also essential to continuously experiment with the various factors and then adjust them accordingly. So the key to success is to keep trying, tracking and observing which channels, keywords, placements and formulations are particularly successful in increasing conversions and which are not, while not being too hasty or too lenient in adapting. Furthermore, your landing pages, on which the AdWords ads refer to, should be correctly optimized in order not to lose the user again without effect after the paid click.


However, in order for your AdWords ads to be found at all, they must be placed in prominent positions. To achieve this, AdWords uses the so-called quality factor, which determines where and when you are listed.



How does the quality factor work?

The most prominent places in AdWords auctions are not simply awarded to the highest bidder. As a service provider, Google’s primary goal is to present the best possible results to its customers, i.e. the search engine users. For this reason, the allocation is also based on an interplay between the relevance of the keyword, the value of the ad text and the quality of the target page as an attempt to measure the quality of your ads. Relevant factors include the click rate of your keyword and the URL displayed, the quality of the target page or the relevance of the keywords.


Depending on the generated quality factor on a scale of 1 to 10, the actual cost per click rates, the probability of appearing on the first page and the chance of being ranked first are calculated accordingly.


This gives even smaller companies with particularly suitable offers the chance to place their advertisements as conspicuously as possible despite a comparably low budget.



Is Google AdWords worthwhile for your company?

But for whom is AdWords actually worthwhile? In theory, all products and services that can also be sold on the Internet are suitable for Google AdWords ads. But local offers can also benefit from this, as most users research online before buying from a local service provider. Even in such cases, AdWords can increase the visibility of your offer and improve the chance that the prospective customer’s choice falls on you. In addition, AdWords proves to be an adequate means to find out whether a new business model works as desired, especially in the test phase.


However, it has sometimes been shown that in some industries AdWords reaches its limits: Simple consumer goods such as flour, toilet paper or water are rarely searched for on the Internet with a concrete intention to buy. AdWords ads for such basic or unattractive goods and services will usually have only moderate success. But even in the opposite case, with particularly high-priced products and services such as vehicles or holidays, AdWords ads often only achieve expandable results, as in these cases more intensive research and advice is desired by the user. However, you can at least draw attention to your offer through AdWords in order to be able to get on the short list.


Furthermore, unknown products or services are difficult to advertise with AdWords. They are not searched for and have to be made known first. Alternatively, comparable offers can be chosen as keywords, which in the best case attract potential customers to your new and supposedly better range of products.



The future of Google AdWords

Google is a publicly traded company and not a charity. As such, Google is also forced to make money. Particularly in view of the rising maintenance and R&D costs, the company needs a continuously increasing income. But Google does not earn money from organic search alone. It can therefore be assumed that AdWords will play an increasingly prominent role in the future, not only in search results. Indicators such as the massive changes recently made to the Google AdWords program or the fact that the search results set by default to 10 entries per page can be supplemented by up to 7 AdWords ads and the product listing ads speak for themselves.


If you continue to resist AdWords in the future, you risk missing out on the growing potential of AdWords or even being pushed further and further back in the search results, where nobody will find you. And for those who still don’t believe us: we win a considerable part of our customers via Google AdWords, in an environment which is probably one of the most competitive markets in this area. If it is possible there, it should also work in all other industries with the right strategy. On the other hand, there is no generalisable recipe for success, nor is there any guarantee of success. In order to increase your chances of making a profit nevertheless, you can turn to professional service providers who, thanks to their experience, can help you to implement your campaigns profitably.


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