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Create homepage for free – provider without advertising?

12. February 2020

Homepage free of charge – what should you pay attention to?

Nowadays a website is probably a must for every company. Almost all customers inform themselves about companies on the Internet before they visit them. Of course not every company has the necessary budget to have a web agency create a professional internet presence – in other words, the homepage should be free of charge. You don’t need programming skills for the presented providers and functions.


Here you have to differentiate between completely free of charge and merely free of charge pages. But what does that mean? For example, with WordPress you can create a free homepage, but it needs storage space to be accessible on the Internet and a URL, i.e. Internet address, which you must book separately with a suitable provider. That means you have to find a hosting provider, where you can place your page. (Unless you have your own server).


Many providers of free websites offer not only the free page, but also the domain and the storage space are included in the free rate. But why you should prefer the former solution and book a domain and storage space at a cheap rate, for example at 1&1 or Strato, we will explain later.



The completely free providers

Why a company should not fall back on a free homepage construction kit. If you are an association or a company, you should not create a free homepage for the following reasons.


Sure it is nice to save money but if you have a bad internet presence that does not radiate seriousness and you do not get new customers and lose visitors, then you should offset the homepage costs against the business damage. Here you will quickly come to the conclusion that you can save money, for example by not using a designer, but that you should not save on appearance, design and your own URL address.


You should use a homepage completely free of charge for your hobby or in the best case for private pages.



Advantages free homepage

  • no charges
  • personal website

Disadvantages free homepage

  • Name of the provider in the domain
  • no value for search engines, which means it is very difficult to optimize the site for the search engine and achieve a good ranking
  • appears dubious to customers and visitors
  • long domain names are difficult to remember and do not look nice on the business card
  • often additional advertising from other providers or the homepage box operator is shown, which is not only dubious, but also disturbs the visitor




Known homepage providers


WordPress the best alternative

The perfect middle way between immense costs and serious internet presence is called WordPress. This is a CMS i.e. content management system, which is very easy to use. You do not need any programming knowledge, if you use an existing free theme (pre-designed design of a page).


By the way, most web designers also use WordPress. That’s because WordPress is perfect in programming and as you will see in a moment, it offers a lot of unbeatable advantages. Probably the biggest advantage besides many breathtaking designs is that search engines, although WordPress is free, still consider the pages with good content as extremely valuable. This gives you a good chance to get up in the results of search engines like Google and to win new visitors and customers.



Advantages WordPress at a glance

  • free open source
  • many designs selectable free of charge
  • extremely secure
  • very easy to use and create content
  • Search engines love WordPress



Free themes for WordPress

With WordPress you have a lot of free themes, which you can use for free. These are not only free, but also have a high quality design. You click on them with pleasure! But as is so often the case with free things, there are different providers who offer different services. So that you understand. WordPress is a kind of platform, now there are providers who provide the design. But based on the ratings and download numbers you will usually quickly find a good free provider that offers a chic design without restrictions.


There you are missing only beautiful pictures and you can start! If you want to browse a little bit through the WordPress themes, it’s worth a visit here: WordPress Themes


For technical questions the free themes have a little weakness, there is no real contact person except the WordPress forum. On the other hand, the WordPress community is huge and always has a quick answer to questions.



Paid themes with WordPress

Also with WordPress you can either hire a designer or use the huge database of themes. Why do some themes cost money? This is easily explained. These themes not only have a technical support that helps you when you have problems. In most cases you can also modify the design. We will discuss features and providers in a separate blog article about WordPress. For a first look we recommend Divi. Here you can intuitively redesign your design without any knowledge with a variety of possibilities and adapt it to your wishes. The choice is incredible and the special functions are convincing. Just take a look: Divi the ultimate WordPress theme



Own design

To create your own design, you either need a theme, as just mentioned, whose design you can change or you need CSS and HTML knowledge. However, you can start with a suitable free theme and let a designer do it later. If you would like to have an offer for your own website, please contact us.



Space and domain

Finally, we come to your own Internet address and the storage space for your website. An own .de domain is currently available at Strato from 0,20€ per month. The matching WordPress starter package with sufficient memory and speed from 1 Euro per month. All in all this is 14,40 € in the first year. Every company should have this money ?. We wish you good luck with your homepage, whether free or not.


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