Mit Outbrain Content auf den trafficstärksten Webseiten platzieren

How to place your content on the busiest websites with Outbrain

12. February 2020

Outbrain makes it possible to place your content on pages like the Handelsblatt. Our article shows how to do this.



What trick is used to place your content on pages like N24 or the Handelsblatt

The added value you get from high-quality content marketing is well known. At the same time, however, it must be emphasized that, especially in the early stages, the success and readership of your content will remain at a manageable level. It is highly probable that you will not be the first to write about the chosen topic. To oust the established top dogs proves to be no easy task.


The consequence is obvious: It will usually take at least a few months before you actually engage in successful and profitable content marketing, during which you can count your regular readers on one hand.


For all those who are not willing to bear the initial investment costs or simply have no patience, there is a simple solution that will remedy the situation within a very short time and put you in the centre of attention of numerous potential customers.


The secret: Paid Content Promotion.


Paid Content Promotion or so-called Sponsored Content you will surely have come across many times on large websites such as, Handelsblatt, Focus Online or In most cases, however, the sponsored content provided will have appeared to you as classic content, at least for the time being. Your potential readers will not fare any differently. But what exactly does paid content promotion mean and how can you take advantage of it?



Achieve new readers with Paid Content Promotion

Paid Content Promotion is based on a simple model: Your chosen content is prominently placed on the start or sub-pages of large and well-known publisher websites such as N24 or As a result, you benefit from the considerable reach of the selected partners and can generate a significantly higher traffic right from the start, which is tailored to your content in a target group-oriented manner.


As in classical content marketing, the key factor here is that you focus on high-quality and interesting content that your target group actually wants to read. Only in this way can you achieve a good conversion rate and convince as many readers as possible of your content. On the other hand, outdated or inappropriate content that no one is interested in will logically prove to be unsuitable for generating new customers.


You should also invest a considerable amount of your work in creating eye-catching headlines. Your content will not be the only content on the target page. Since very few users of a website are able to read all the content, you need to win over your target group with the headline alone.


Classic providers such as Facebook Ads or the Google Display Network have a long track record of success in this area. However, both offers also have decisive disadvantages: While the majority of users on Facebook only use the platform for communication and networking with their circle of acquaintances and largely ignore the content provided, Google relies primarily on small or medium-sized publishers to distribute its content. Although this can prove to be particularly useful for special target groups, the large number of accesses will also in this case rather fail to materialise.



Outbrain: The content distribution network of the future ?

In recent years, content promotion platforms such as Outbrain have been pushing into this gap. These act as intermediaries between the publishers with the widest reach, such as CNN or N24, and companies that want to place their content on these sites. Outbrain provides the participating publishers with a widget, which appears in the form of a special page area on the associated website. Within this area the reader is recommended to read articles from other publishers, brands or companies, which are tailored to their interests.


The recommendations are not only external redirects, but also internal pages. This has two advantages: firstly, it increases the time spent on the internal website. This makes Outbrain particularly attractive for all publishers. On the other hand, the internal recommendations strengthen the confidence of the readers to receive content that is relevant for you, even outside of advertising content.


If, on the other hand, the reader clicks on an external offer, the cost-per-click model is used for billing. The costs for a campaign with Outbrain therefore start on a fairly manageable model. The first successes can therefore be achieved with just a few euros. For managed campaigns, where, for example, the content creation is taken over, the offers only start at 5000 Euros upwards.


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