newsletter services: What are they good for?

12. February 2020

You have probably already met newsletter services.
You surf the net, visit a new website and often a small window pops up immediately. It asks you to subscribe to the newsletter of the website.
If you enter your e-mail address and your name, you will receive the website’s newsletter regularly by e-mail.


But what is this? What is this? What do you get out of it? And what does the website operator get out of it? How does it work?
All questions that we would like to clarify in this article.



Newsletter services: What do they do?



What a newsletter is, is first explained very simply.
Nowadays, the term refers to an electronic newsletter that is periodically sent by a company to its customers. They inform the customers about news and are usually free of charge. In the past, these newsletters were available in paper form and had only a few pages. Since they were similar to a letter, they were called newsletters. But there are also newsletters with costs, which are more exclusive.
Such newsletters you get by e-mail if you subscribe to the mailing list yourself. Your consent is given when you give your e-mail address and name and confirm the subscription.
If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you can revoke your consent at any time.



What are newsletters good for?

On the one hand, they are advertising for the company, because they announce new products or promotions and want to lure customers to their site and encourage them to buy. This increases the number of visitors to the website and makes it more popular. On the other hand, customers can also take advantage of them, because newsletters can also contain discount codes or coupons that you can redeem when you make a purchase and thus save money. They also provide information about events and the like in which customers can participate. In this sense, sending a newsletter is a win-win situation, as both (sender and recipient) benefit from it.


What problems are there with doing it yourself?

Of course, the companies can take everything concerning the newsletter completely into their own hands. However, this costs a lot of time and effort. For example, you could use Gmail or Mozilla Thunderbird. These programs are free, but you would have to maintain the distribution lists yourself. In other words: Add new e-mail addresses manually and sort out old e-mail addresses manually. If you have a lot of recipients, this alone can take quite a while.


In addition, such programs usually have a limited number of recipients per e-mail. Accordingly, the mail would have to be sent several times to cover all recipients. Also, companies are then left to their own devices when creating their newsletters. This can lead to various errors that make the newsletter less attractive for customers. For example, such mails may end up in the spam folder, programming errors may occur or the design of the content may not be particularly attractive.



Newsletter service provider

A newsletter service can take over many tasks for a company and make work much easier. For example, they make it possible to send e-mails in an uncomplicated way and to manage and view recipients and statistics. Newsletter service providers are available in price categories ranging from free of charge up to several hundred or even hundred thousand Euros.



How do newsletter services work?

It depends on the program used. Newsletter services, for which you pay a lot of money, can usually do more, are better and easier to use than cheaper or free versions. But of course there are black sheep here too. But what they can all do is manage distribution lists.
These lists contain all the e-mail addresses of the recipients, i.e. customers and prospects.


Then there are functions such as:


  • convenient login and logout
  • automatically delete old and add new e-mail addresses
  • the newsletter design
  • the personalization of the newsletter mails
  • Manage and evaluate statistics and campaigns
  • Booking options for newsletter design, programming and editing
  • Ensuring that the mails reach the recipient and do not disappear in the spam folder


Therefore you should first consider what a newsletter service should do for you. Then you can choose a newsletter service provider that takes all your wishes into account.


But pay attention to the seriousness of the provider: You should know what the provider does with the customer data. In the best case nothing, except saving and sending the newsletter. In the worst case, the provider resells the customers’ data or otherwise uses them without authorization.



Which newsletter services are the best ?

So you have now decided to use a newsletter service, but don’t know which ones are the best? No problem, we have compiled a list of the best free newsletter services for you!


When making your choice, always consider what you expect from the service provider and whether the program meets your needs. We have listed some free options below, ranked from #1 to #10 on We have used this website as a source, as it provides a very detailed and up-to-date test report on each product, which should make your decision easier.


For further details and information about the test, please visit



Summary around the newsletter services

Newsletters are a good option to keep customers up to date on current events and to spark their interest again and again. With the appropriate tools from the newsletter service providers, you can optimize the marketing and popularity of your company. If you are clear about your demands on the service provider and know exactly what you want, choosing the right program for you should now be a snap.


We hope that this article has provided you with some answers to your questions and that everything has now become a little more understandable.
With this we say goodbye to you and are already looking forward to your next visit to our blog on another exciting topic. Until then, good luck and good luck for your upcoming projects!


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