WordPress Plugins – the best plugins for WordPress Vol. 1

12. February 2020

Which WordPress plugins are really good and must you have? We start today with a series on WordPress Plugins. Here we will regularly present selected plugins which are simply good. But decide for yourself and leave us a comment.



The best WordPress Plugins series 1



TablePress belongs to the WordPress plugins, with which you can easily create tables. Now you probably ask yourself: “What’s the point of that, I do that with HTML”.


Of course you can use HTML tables, but it’s not the same. On the one hand, TablePress allows even beginners who are not familiar with HTML to create tables easily, on the other hand this ingenious plugin offers a lot of additional features. You create a table, save it as CSV and you can upload it. Now you insert the mentioned shortcode into the post – done. Let’s get to the best functions:


  • Besucher können die Tabelle sortieren
  • die Tabelle hat eine eigene Suche
  • es werden auf der ersten Seite nur so viele Zeilen angezeigt, wie eingestellt


Of course there are more functions. Not only do the tables make it easier to check the texts at the search engine optimization for readability and keyword density, but they also provide the user of your site with a simple user interface to quickly get the desired information in the table. The plugin gets 10 of 10 points from us.


CM Tooltip Glossary

CM Tooltip Glossary provides an easy to use glossary or lexicon for WordPress. Often one writes blog posts in which many technical terms occur. Of course, you could write a single blog post for each technical term to which you link. If it concerns a larger topic, then this makes sense.


But if you want to explain the term to the reader quickly and don’t want to do this again and again in the text, then you need a glossary. The glossary automatically recognizes the technical terms in all texts and links to them. When moving the mouse over the glossary, the explanation window opens. If you want to click on the article, you can do that too. This not only makes the texts much more readable, but also improves the ranking, as each technical term in the glossary also gets its own URL.


If you are concerned with the settings, you can also remove the branding through CM. The free basic version already has all the features you need for a good lexicon. For this you get a thumbs up. In the pro version there are many more great features like entering synonyms. So you don’t have to create a new explanation for one and the same term over and over again or risk duplicate content. The other features are also worth a look!


kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings is one of the best WordPress plugins for ratings. You can integrate this rating option either in posts only or on all pages. You can choose how and where the rating is displayed. You can even upload your own design and modify the text that appears. You can also control the number of stars – the default is five stars. The rating is quick and easy. But the biggest advantage comes now: The ratings can be displayed by Google in the search. Just activate the function “Google Rich Snippets” and you are ready to go.


Even mean competitors who want to give you a mass of bad ratings are locked out. You can set that the same IP can only rate once. Also the file size is very small and does not hinder the loading time of the WordPress page. In the backend of the posts you can see the corresponding ratings at a glance. So you don’t have to click into the post or search for it on the page.



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